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Governor Walker, Wisconsin

Opponents of Governor Walker are busily gathering signatures in an attempt to recall Governor Walker.   Much of the recall effort is being financed and supported by outside unions and Lieberal groups.

While it is the right of anyone to pursue a recall of just about any politician, isn’t it sad that these groups and individuals are willing to force the State of Wisconsin into spending $9,000,000.00 because they are mad that Governor Walker — and the other duly elected Wisconsin officials — have insisted that unions “pay their fair share” of their own health care insurance and that unions can NO LONGER STRONG ARM COMPANIES INTO GATHERING UNION DUES?

Unions have been gathering power and monetary perks for years because politicians are afraid of the political pressure that unions can bring to bear on any issue.  Last year, and this year, illustrated the extent of physical violence threats that unions and lieberals are willing to use against conservative policies.  Last year, and this year, illustrate the names and devious arguments that unions and lieberals are willing to use against conservative policies. Last year, and this year, the State of Wisconsin will incur a huge cost for these recall elections.

Is all this really necessary?  Is it really democratic for the unions to allow their thugs into our State capitol, into our State’s legislative activities, and now, even into the choice of our State Governor?  Do we really want George Soros’ surrogates demanding we recall our Governor?  Does anyone understand how much money is already saved, just by mandating that unions pay “their fair share” ?  Do we really want to spend $9,000,000.00 just because someone is unhappy with the current policies and that someone is unwilling to wait for another election cycle to challenge the duly-elected legislators?  Wouldn’t it be better to use that $9 million for state programs or state public work projects that could put people back to work?

Governor Walker was elected to change our state’s economic spiral down.  He was elected to create jobs for Wisconsinites.  He was elected to correct former Governor Doyle’s bad financial policies and, yes, even criminal acts by Doyle and his cohorts in the state legislature.  If you doubt this, notice that our state budget is now on a more financially sound basis.  Companies are hiring more workers, in the expectation that Wisconsin will help them build a good company, and not tax them to death.  And, Governor Walker, on behalf of the State of Wisconsin and based on a court decision, has repaid the money that Doyle illegally took out of a fund created and paid for by Wisconsin doctors.

It’s time to recognize that Governor Walker has made significant improvements to our state economy and HAS NOT raised our taxes.  He has simply asked everyone to work together for the good of Wisconsin.  And, like President Obama,  he has asked everyone, the unions included, to “PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE”.  Governor Walker is good for the State of Wisconsin.  Let’s keep him, the legislators who work with Walker, AND, the policies that are helping Wisconsin, in office!



Obama tells Congress, “It’s MY ball” !


President Obama doesn’t feel he needs to follow the Constitution, the laws of the United States,  nor any precedents.  What a surprise!

Never has the true character of a man been more obvious than with Obama as he appoints a  tax cheat and even nominates Biden,  a man who PLAGARIZED, for the Vice Presidency.  Obama has openly admitted he will circumvent Congress when Congress doesn’t do what he, Obama, wants.

Wow! Do we really want a man in office who feels no responsibility to follow the laws he swore to uphold?  Do we truly want a man in the Presidency who continually divides our nation with his harsh critiques of those who disagree with him?

Obama is the poster child for the consequences of voting based on the media’s image and not on research that would have revealed Obama’s inadequacies.  After all, everyone knew, even though the media tried to downplay it, that Obama came into office with no executive experience….no business experience….no managerial experience….no foreign policy experience…..and, no moral fiber.  While he might be a “nice” guy, he is not a stand-up guy as Lieberals often say.  Instead,  he has repeatedly thwarted the laws of our country.  He rammed Obamascare through, even when polls proved that Americans did NOT want it.  He has refused to enforce our immigration laws.  He challenges states that do NOT  “obey” HIS opinions.  He calls the Tea Party names while he endorses the Occupy bunch knowing that the Occupy bunch has had numerous run-ins with the police while the Tea Party was law-abiding.  He showed his racist tendencies when he blamed the police for how they treated a professor — oh, yes, the professor was black — and then, recanted on his promise to “make nice” with the police.  He shows his favoritism when he plays class warfare games and incites division by his use of untruths…all in order to be re-elected.

Obama is not only arrogant, irresponsible, condescending, AND spending our tax money like it grew on trees, but he is destroying our country and our system of laws!

In short, you had better do exactly what Obama says or he will do whatever it takes, legal or not, to get his way.  If you don’t “play ball” with Obama, he’ll tell you the same as he told Congress on recess appointments……”It’s MY ball and, if you don’t follow MY rules, I’m taking it home!”

Unprecedented “Recess” Appointment Contradicts Obama Justice Department

Posted by Brendan Buck on January 04, 2012 President Obama today made an unprecedented “recess” appointment even though the Senate is not in recess – “a sharp departure from a long-standing precedent that has limited the President to recess appointments only when the Senate is in a recess of 10 days or longer,” according to Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

It turns out that the action not only contradicts long-standing practice, but also the view of the administration itself. In 2010, Deputy Solicitor General Neal Katyal explained to the Supreme Court the Obama administration’s view that recess appointments are only permissible when Congress is in recess for more than three days. Here’s the exchange with Chief Justice John Roberts:


Andrew Mitchell — racist

Andrea Mitchell reports that Iowans will NOT re-elect Obama because he is black.

It would be interesting to hear how she knows this?  Did she ask everyone in Iowa?  Can she predict the future?  The answer is probably “no” to both questions.  So, why would she say that?  Well, the reason is that Andrea Mitchel is a racist!  Why?   RACISM is making assumptions about people based, NOT on what the people say or do or even truly think, but based upon YOUR OWN PERCEPTIONS OF WHAT THAT PERSON IS SAYING, DOING, OR THINKING.  So, when Andrea says that Iowans will NOT support Obama for a second term, she is assuming the non-support — if that non-support actually exists —  is due to Obama’s skin color, and NOT based on his destroying our economy, our status in the world, or because he insists on placing onerous tax burdens on Americans.

Her refusal to attribute lack of support for Obama assumes that others are racists when, actually, their vote for someone else is more likely based on the poor economy, the unemployment, the increased danger from Iran, etc..  Her “analysis” is absolutely racist and, to the detriment of our country and even the profession of journalism, all too prevalent in our “experts” in TVland.

If she truly wanted to know why people are voting a certain way, she should go out and ask a majority of Iowans.  Her job is to report facts, not her own personal opinions which are based on her own misconceptions, not facts.

Until then, Andrea Mitchell is typical of so many in our television and cable media.  She is a racist!