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What are YOU?

Workers, by definition, work.

If you are a worker, you probably hold an 8 hour/day job. You are used to doing that job 5 days a week, come sickness or health. You don’t complain if your job gets you dirty or makes you sweat. You know that, if you want a salary, you will have to work……….and, work hard. You expect to be paid for that job, and eventually hope to retire with enough money to live respectably the rest of your life. The product of your work is good — it increases the GNP by providing either a product or service, and hopefully, improves someone else’s life.

Workers expect to work. They cannot accept a job and then caroom around the country without the likelihood of being fired.

But, there is another breed of “worker” in our country that are as usefull as barnacles on the ships of the Great Lakes. These pseudo workers have jobs — public jobs — which allows them to dress up when they work, and never split a fingernail. They have their own private social security system. Seldom, if ever, do they work up a sweat in their job unless it is from the fear that the public will find out how little they do and abolish their jobs.

Who are these leeches?

Some of them have prestigious titles, like representatives, assemblymen, senators, and even some governors and lesser officials.

They were elected to govern our great country and many of them have been busy lately….but not for the people’s business. No, their business has been to endlessly campaign for their next job — in this case, President of the United States.

Where are they on most days when the rest of us are truly working? They are out campaigning, or attending fund raisers, or appearing on talk shows. They are speaking out on issues, but doing little to meliorate the problems of us common folks. Their campaigning does not increase the GNP or help anyone live a better life, except for them if they win.

It seems to me that these useless appendages in our political system should not receive a salary because they are not doing the job they were hired to do. They should lose their esteemed positions and have to come back to every day life like you or I. Maybe then, they will understand the concept of a good day’s work for a good day’s pay.

I doubt it, but anything is possible in our country.

Horowitz Speaks

So, last night Mr. Knowledge got to go and see David Horowitz speak at the UW-Madison campus. Needless to say, he recieved alot of scoff from the left for his ‘racist’ comments. Nowhere in his speach did he come remotely close to anything that could be called racist. His platform was based on radical Islamo-Facism, and he explained the why and the whry of the necessity to fight terroism and these radical factions.

Overall his speech was not interruped except for two ass-jockeys who stopped the lecture for 5 minutes yelling stupid shit like investigate 9-11. His overall message was that of denouncing the radicals, and taking action on them to stop them where they live.

After the speach, a short Q&A session was held, where many of the left tried to tear down his remarks. One of the funniest exchanges happened when one dumbass tried to tear him down for something he said in a book, and Horowitz said, did you read the book, and when the kid said no, of course he lost the battle.

Overall i was impressed with how little disruption the left caused, although what could you say? The whole lecture was basically a fact finding mission, and he wanted to inform us of the real facts. He then wanted us to make our own decisions, after hearing all the facts from both sides.

Mr. Knowledge was happy to see Horowitz. Also, after hearing this, Mr. Knowledge says let’s go balls to the wall and exterminate these pecker-head radicals.

Wire Tapping and You!!

So, Governor Doyle has been accused of tapping into UW students private data to search for students who are on financial aide. He did this to gain access to their email addresses to have them attend an event where he was going to speak about financial aide. Of course, none of this gets reported in the LIEberal media, but luckily, the College Republicans caught it and filed a suit.

LIEberals will come to Doyle’s side and say he was just doing this for the good of the students. That, he accessed this information only for matters that would further financial aide.

This is against the law. That is private information, even if it was done without malice.

But the real kicker here, is that LIEberals will rip Bush up one side and down the other for his legal ‘wire-tapping’ of terroists, but defend Doyle in his actions, because his intent was in the best interest of the people. Wait… what? So Bush trying to save lives is less of interest to the people than Doyle stealing private information.

One is legal : Bush’s wire tapping.
One is illegal : Doyle’s stealing of private information.

Mr. Knowledge is out.

The Clintons and their "sleazey" friends…….

The Drudge is reporting that Sandy Berger is now advising Hillary Clinton. She must be feeling very confident in her lead to now be openly consorting with criminals. In the recent past:

Hillary refused to repudiate the Move-On ad which villified General Petraeus.

She also accepted, then gave away, funds from the now discredited Hsu; but, only after his criminal activity became public.

Now, she is accepting advice from Sandy Berger whose claim to fame is that he knows how to stuff highly classified documents into his pants and then escape without being apprehended.

Well, maybe it isn’t so strange. After all, Mr. Berger was destroying documents which might have compromised Bill Clinton. It isn’t surprising that Bill’s wife would want to reward Sandy for his loyalty.