Wire Tapping and You!!

So, Governor Doyle has been accused of tapping into UW students private data to search for students who are on financial aide. He did this to gain access to their email addresses to have them attend an event where he was going to speak about financial aide. Of course, none of this gets reported in the LIEberal media, but luckily, the College Republicans caught it and filed a suit.

LIEberals will come to Doyle’s side and say he was just doing this for the good of the students. That, he accessed this information only for matters that would further financial aide.

This is against the law. That is private information, even if it was done without malice.

But the real kicker here, is that LIEberals will rip Bush up one side and down the other for his legal ‘wire-tapping’ of terroists, but defend Doyle in his actions, because his intent was in the best interest of the people. Wait… what? So Bush trying to save lives is less of interest to the people than Doyle stealing private information.

One is legal : Bush’s wire tapping.
One is illegal : Doyle’s stealing of private information.

Mr. Knowledge is out.

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