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Democracy…..on hold…..

First there was campaigning for public office.  Candidates explained their positions on a variety of subjects, including the budget.

Next, there was an election.  Republicans won a majority of the offices.

Now, Governor Walker has followed through and proposed the budget he discussed during the campaign.

But, State Senate Democrats didn’t like the election results nor the proposed budget.  So, did they argue their views in the State Senate?  No, just like spoiled brats, they have decided they can’t win the vote on the budget and have left the state to stall a vote and, in effect, stall Democracy.  Shame on them.

The problem is that, for years,  unions have used their political muscle to elect Democrats and the Democrats are afraid to lose all that cash! If you ask an ordinary worker, most of us would say that governmental union workers are getting too sweet of a deal and that they are NOT entitled to these extensive benefits at OUR expense.  These benefits are NOT RIGHTS.  They are NOT EVEN  ENTITLEMENTS!  They are gifts from legislators attempting to repay unions for the union support — i.e., cash donations.  And,those outrageous benefits have to stop because, Christmas is OVER and  even Santa Claus has bills to pay!

After all, in a Democracy, we are supposed to be equal.  When unions and their bought legislators have more say than a legitimately elected governor and legislature, then there is no Democracy.  Until those Democrat senators return and do their job, we all suffer because Democracy is on hold.



Truth and Consequences

It’s true that some Wisconsin teachers skipped school to protest Governor Walker’s budget proposal.

It’s true that Wisconsin teachers are under contract to TEACH.

It’s true that some Wisconsin teachers got fake sick slips from roaming bands of doctors.

It’s true that Wisconsin teachers are willing to lie to their employers – i.e., us the taxpayers.

It’s true that the cost to districts when Wisconsin teachers played hooky  ran into the millions – which Wisconsin does NOT have!

Isn’t it also true that there should be consequences?

Wisconsin School District Docks Pay of Teachers Who Skipped School to Attend Protests…


Written by Bill Schanen IV

The Port Washington-Saukville School District will dock the pay of 82 teachers who skipped school last Thursday to protest Gov. Scott Walker’s budget bill in Madison, Supt. Michael Weber said Tuesday.

The absences, which left the district without about 43% of its teachers, essentially crippled the school system. Administrators were forced to close the high school 1-1/2 hours after students arrived because there weren’t enough teachers to staff classrooms.

Other schools remained opened, but principals scrambled to find enough substitute teachers to supervise the more than 800 students at the middle school. Parent-teacher conferences scheduled for Thursday had to be cancelled.

The teacher absences shocked school officials and parents, who said they thought the Port Washington-Saukville School District would be the last place to experience a mass exodus of teachers because of the remarkably good relationship between the district and union. The district was one of only a handful in this area of the state forced to cancel classes because of teacher absences.
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Me, me, me, me, me

Here in Wisconsin we have a big brew-haw-haw going on regarding the unions. I only want to touch on a part of those unions, the teachers. I never was the biggest fan of teachers due to their insanely good medical coverage, the fact they get weekends and holidays off… oh and that 3 month break in the summer is nice too. Wish my dad could have taken 3 months off every summer, a week at Christmas too. But I let bygones be bygones until I started working in a school. Teachers are some of the most selfish people I came to know. It’s never about what’s best for the students, it’s whats best for them. Oh sure, they’ll say it’s about the students but when the going gets tough teachers bitch and whine like a three year old in K-Mart. The administration is no better. The superintendent always makes it a point to say how important the students are, and that they are the #1 priority. Yet when something goes down on the network or if they couldn’t access their files, they bitch and cried until they are fixed first. Hey, shouldn’t the students be the first ones to fix?

With that aside, my focus of this post is on the teachers and their incessant bitching about the possibility of paying their pensions, paying for medical costs or whatever they are going to have to pay. EVERYONE else in the damn working world pays for those things. Why do they get handouts? They already get everything else handed to them, maybe it’s about time they pony up and pay. I know, I know, it’s like pulling the treat away from your dog at the last second. I mean, they already had that money given to them so you can’t give it to them and take it back, can you? Sure you can. They do it in other industries, why do they think they are so special? They think that only because people have been kissing their collective asses for too many years. Time for them to man up and get in the real world and out of their la-la land existence.

Which leads me to my last point -> Unions breed mediocrity. When your pay is not matched with how good of a teacher/worker you are, then why is there any need to go above and beyond. Being part of the union says one thing, you are not special. You could be the best teacher in the world, and yet you get paid less than that horrible teacher down the hall who’s been there longer than you. Just ass-backwards.

– Mr. Knowledge


Aretha Franklin sang about respect.

We all want respect.

And, now, Oprah feels that Obama deserves respect.

Where was Oprah when Democrats were  demonizing President Bush?  Where was she when a conservative administration made decisions, based on world-wide held beliefs and were called “liars”, “hypocrites”, and “Nazis” by the Democrats?  Where was she whenever the Democrats satirized and made false allusions about any non-Lieberal idea ?

Well, she was out to lunch all of those times.  But, now, she suddenly believes that the Presidency itself deserves respect.  Suddenly, the woman who claimed she was apolitical is determined to support a President.  Could it be because Obama is half black?  Isn’t that racism?  But, what other explanation could there be for her sudden foray into the world of politics?

Well, Respect is a two way street. Oprah’s going down a one way street, the wrong way…singing, but  not knowing the words to the song!  Maybe that’s why her show’s ratings have plummeted.

For your information, Oprah, the word is R-E-S-P-E-C-T,  and it should be applied to everyone, not just your favorite flavour of the day!