Truth and Consequences

It’s true that some Wisconsin teachers skipped school to protest Governor Walker’s budget proposal.

It’s true that Wisconsin teachers are under contract to TEACH.

It’s true that some Wisconsin teachers got fake sick slips from roaming bands of doctors.

It’s true that Wisconsin teachers are willing to lie to their employers – i.e., us the taxpayers.

It’s true that the cost to districts when Wisconsin teachers played hooky  ran into the millions – which Wisconsin does NOT have!

Isn’t it also true that there should be consequences?

Wisconsin School District Docks Pay of Teachers Who Skipped School to Attend Protests…


Written by Bill Schanen IV

The Port Washington-Saukville School District will dock the pay of 82 teachers who skipped school last Thursday to protest Gov. Scott Walker’s budget bill in Madison, Supt. Michael Weber said Tuesday.

The absences, which left the district without about 43% of its teachers, essentially crippled the school system. Administrators were forced to close the high school 1-1/2 hours after students arrived because there weren’t enough teachers to staff classrooms.

Other schools remained opened, but principals scrambled to find enough substitute teachers to supervise the more than 800 students at the middle school. Parent-teacher conferences scheduled for Thursday had to be cancelled.

The teacher absences shocked school officials and parents, who said they thought the Port Washington-Saukville School District would be the last place to experience a mass exodus of teachers because of the remarkably good relationship between the district and union. The district was one of only a handful in this area of the state forced to cancel classes because of teacher absences.
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