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Resigned to calls for resignations

Today, it seems as though almost everybody is offended by  something………whether that something is said, done, or even just implied.  Today, no one tries to see the other person’s viewpoint or even if the deed or comment might have been misconstrued or misunderstood.  NO ONE IS GIVEN THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT. Today, the first reaction to even the suggestion that someone was offended is to demand that the “offender” resign, apologize effusively, and, essentially, lose any semblance of dignity that they might have had.

Unfortunately, much of the over-zealous monitoring is being directed by Democrats against Conservatives and, against everything “Trumpian” in nature.

So, Sean Spicer makes an unfortunate reference to Hitler.  Oh, my.  Pelosi immediately called for Spicer’s resignation.  She seems to forget or ignore that many Democrats compared the infamous dictator to many in the Republican party, including President Trump.  Then, she was silent.

The problem with this knee jerk reaction in the political arena is that politicians, like Pelosi and Schumer, grab every opportunity to destroy Republicans and Conservatives.  They do not admit that anyone could possibly have just made a misstatement.  No, Democrats believe that everything Conservative has to be fought tooth and nail, by any means available.  However, when Democrats and their supporters make heinous allegations and unsubstantiated comments, these politicians are silent.  Why”  Because, Democrats have long followed party lines, and allowed felonious acts by their fellow Democrats……………no matter what their fellow Democrat did.  So……………………  Lois Lerner essentially admitted to using her position at the IRS to target Conservatives’ tax status and thus, limiting any political actions by those groups.    Susan Rice essentially admitted to using her status in the Obama Administration to facilitate the leaking of private American citizens’ status with the investigative arms of the U.S. government!  Madonna stated publicly that she wanted to bomb the White House.  Perez, the new DNC chairman, swore publicly , as did Killebrand, to describe what they want to do to anyone who disagrees with their policies!  The worst case of a Democrat not being censored was, of course, former President Clinton.  Bill demeaned the Oval Office more than any past President.  Bill lied to us to save himself.  Hillary lied to protect Bill and thus, her own future political aspirations.

And, yet, no Democrat called for their resignation!

If this destructive behaviour of the Democrats continues, our country will suffer.  Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that the Democrats will change their nefarious methods.  After all, they are now in the minority of almost every legislative body, State and Federal,  including the Presidency.  Democrats’  goal is to so completely besmirch the reputation of the “opposition”  that American voters return to the dependency and grip of the Democrats’ control.  And if they have to, they will sling mud, emphasize faux pas by Republicans, lie, cheat, and “steal” in order to bring down anyone who disagrees with them.  Publicly and constantly calling for resignations has become a routine, and political, gesture by the Democrats.

It isn’t fair.  It isn’t right.  But, as my Father-in-law used to say,  “Never get into a pi**ng match with a skunk.”  It was good advice.  The Democrats are stinking up the airways with their constant calls for this or that Republican to resign while ignoring the stench in their own party-mates.  So, I guess I’ll have to resign myself to this new reality of constant calls for Republican resignations.

Sticks and Stones

Or, maybe it should be:  picks and stones because, when the Democrats aren’t throwing stones at President Trump, they are picking away at anything he says or does.

It doesn’t matter if the world agrees with President Trump, the media-ites at CNN, MSNBC, etc., will find fault with Trump’s activities.  The bombing of a chemical depot in Syria is just the latest bone to stick in their craw.  Never mind that Germany, France, Israel, and other countries are relieved that America is once again beating back the bullies of the world………….and, said so.  Forget that Assad just committed another atrocity, this time with chemicals against his own men, women and children.  Ignore the facts, say the mainstream media so they can  concoct some outlandish story that better fits the narrative they prefer.  So……………..President Trump approving the bombs against Syrian chemical depots morphs into a storyline that Trump “only” bombed so that he could counter the media’s false belief that Trump is a pawn of Putin!

It’s crazy.  It’s ridiculous.  And, it’s an insult to the profession of Journalism.  But, in an Alice in Wonderland fashion, Chris Matthews, et al, have competed to see who could find the worst insult to lodge against Trump.  Whether the insults are warranted or not, they are screamed out every hour, on the hour.  And, even if there is no story, they will inveigle and connive among themselves to find some rumor or purported fault to inflate into scandalous stories.

The media has become so biased that we no longer even watch or listen to them.  Now, rather than wait for the media who want to tell us what something means, we listen to Sean Spicer’s press conferences and, when available, we listen to President Trump.  If you want the truth, that is the only way to hear it.

Learn to filter out the lies that the media spews day after day.  Words do hurt.  Words do create false narratives.  And, if we don’t separate the media’s lies from the Truth, those words can do immeasurable harm to us and our beloved America.

Some words, like lies,  can be as hurtful as sticks and stones.  No matter what the media says, it’s up to u to follow the facts and find the Truth.