Sticks and Stones

Or, maybe it should be:  picks and stones because, when the Democrats aren’t throwing stones at President Trump, they are picking away at anything he says or does.

It doesn’t matter if the world agrees with President Trump, the media-ites at CNN, MSNBC, etc., will find fault with Trump’s activities.  The bombing of a chemical depot in Syria is just the latest bone to stick in their craw.  Never mind that Germany, France, Israel, and other countries are relieved that America is once again beating back the bullies of the world………….and, said so.  Forget that Assad just committed another atrocity, this time with chemicals against his own men, women and children.  Ignore the facts, say the mainstream media so they can  concoct some outlandish story that better fits the narrative they prefer.  So……………..President Trump approving the bombs against Syrian chemical depots morphs into a storyline that Trump “only” bombed so that he could counter the media’s false belief that Trump is a pawn of Putin!

It’s crazy.  It’s ridiculous.  And, it’s an insult to the profession of Journalism.  But, in an Alice in Wonderland fashion, Chris Matthews, et al, have competed to see who could find the worst insult to lodge against Trump.  Whether the insults are warranted or not, they are screamed out every hour, on the hour.  And, even if there is no story, they will inveigle and connive among themselves to find some rumor or purported fault to inflate into scandalous stories.

The media has become so biased that we no longer even watch or listen to them.  Now, rather than wait for the media who want to tell us what something means, we listen to Sean Spicer’s press conferences and, when available, we listen to President Trump.  If you want the truth, that is the only way to hear it.

Learn to filter out the lies that the media spews day after day.  Words do hurt.  Words do create false narratives.  And, if we don’t separate the media’s lies from the Truth, those words can do immeasurable harm to us and our beloved America.

Some words, like lies,  can be as hurtful as sticks and stones.  No matter what the media says, it’s up to u to follow the facts and find the Truth.

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