Monthly Archives: July 2020

Re-elect President Trump

No matter how desperately the media try to distort or lie about President Trump’s record, he has:

1…Before anyone believed the pandemic was coming, Trump created a task force to help mitigate the virus’ effect on Americans and allow hospitals, etc., to gear up for the coming medical crisis as well as encouraged drug companies to work on therapeutics and a vaccine.

2….Created a growing economic recovery, DESPITE the Coronavirus.

3….Significantly improved the pursuit of freedom for minorities by creating the “second chance” program

4…Stood fast against Chinese and Russian aggression and attempts to gain footing in the Mid East and SE Asia.

5…Nominated judges who will follow the Constitution

6…Withstood an impeachment that can now be seen as a completely false, fabricated process enhanced by Democrats and Lie-berals who used it as a political tool to attempt to control our country by threatening to remove our President.

7..And, in the face of violence in our major cities, he has refused to back down from threats of Antifa. He has maintained the philosophy that EVERY American deserves an equal opportunity to pursue Life, Liberty and Happiness. He accepts no color barrier to that idea.

The Democrats’ candidate hides in his “man” cave and spouts cliches and other nonsense, often repeating President Trump’s actions as the Dems’ plan ! The media, as usual, fails to call the Dems’ candidate out for his multiple gaffes, lies, and sly innuendos.

So, please, ignore the vicious Left wing media. Re-elect President Trump!