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If  President Obama’s speeches were translated into everyday, layman’s terms, everyone might have a better chance of understanding his true meaning.  So,  here are the translations of his comments:

1…Comment:  The tragedy at Benghazi, where 4 Americans — including our ambassador — were murdered , was the result of a video!

Translation:  There’s an election coming up, and I’ve claimed that the “war” with terrorism is over, so I have to blame someone.  I know.  I’ll blame a video!

2…Comment:  The tragedy at Benghazi, where 4 Americans — including our ambassador — were murdered, was the result of terrorism!

Translation:  Okay.  Catherine Herridge of FOX news caught us in a lie.  Let’s see.  I know.  I’ll pretend I said it was terrorism all along and blame  “them”.

3…Comment:  The middle class will never pay one cent more in taxes to fund Obamacare.

Translation:  I’ll hide all the costs by increasing taxes in ways they won’t notice.  A few dollars out of their paychecks….higher rates on dividends — hell, they’ll never notice that their pensions are losing value.

4…Comment:  I’ll have the most transparent administration in the history of this country.

Translation:  First, I’ll hire people with loose values like Geithner who didn’t pay his taxes….and, hey, I’ll have a VP who was known to plagarize (and, besides he is so dumb, he’ll do or say anything)………and, how about an Attorney General who hates whites and won’t prosecute voter repression if it’s committed against whites.    And, if that doesn’t work, I’ll blame Republicans for scandal-mongering.

5…Comment:  Unemployment will never rise above 8% if you pass this stimulus.

Translation:  Heck.  I don’t care what this stimulus does so long as it looks like I’m doing something about the economy!    Who cares if blacks, college graduates, and the middle class suffer.  They’re so gullible that they’ll vote for me anyway.

6…Comment:  I will always respect the Constitution of the United States.

Translation:  But, if anyone gets in MY way, to heck with that old piece of paper.  Catholic Church?  You’ll pay for abortions.  Banks?  Hell, you’re all scoundrels and deserve to pay for endless regulatory costs.  Wall Street?  So, you supported me in the first place?  To the devil with you.  Conservatives?  It’s all YOUR fault!

7…Comment:  I will always respect the Constitution of the United States.

Translation:  Unless it gets in my way.  Then, I’ll “go around Congress” if they don’t go along with my plans.  Remember that stupid Second Amendment about the right to bear arms?  Forget it.  Get rid of  people lawfully owning guns.  And, if anyone, like FOX news, or that jerk Limbaugh, criticize me and claim their Freedom of Speech rights, I’ll demonize them and insult them because the mainstream media are so dumb that they’ll support my viewpoint, no matter how stupid it is!

8….Comment:  Blame Bush, Blame Republicans, Blame Bush, Blame Conservatives, but, above all…..blame Bush!

Translation:  Blame Bush!

Libs and Obama

Why are the Lieberal media and President so much in love with each other?

Well, the Lieberal media love an easy story and Obama makes everything easy for the media.  There is no need to research anything because Obama TELLS the media — repeatedly — how awful Republicans are.  He TELLS them his perception of everything, and they write it down.  He TELLS them what to think, how to think, when to think it, and even WHY they think it!  In short, they are the Golden Retrievers of the news.  If Obama smiles, the Golden Retriever wags his tail.  If Obama frowns, the dog sits down and hangs his head.  If Obama cites “facts”, these lap dogs enthusiastically bark out his message.   And, then, they report the storyline HE created!

Why, why, why would a so-called professional journalist let his medium be usurped by anyone?  Why would they lower their standards to the point where they are merely taking dictation, not delving into and reporting the true situation?  Because, it is easier!  It is easier for the lib media, and it is easier for Obama.

Rather than confront ISSUES, President Obama, and the Democrats, continuously insult, demonize, and create false labels for anyone or anything that opposes them and their ideas.

If the mainstream media were doing their job, Obama would be answering real time questions on real issues, and he would have to present FACTS, not insults and innuendoes about these issues.

Of course Obama wants to prevent the opposition from presenting facts or ideas that counter his demands.  It’s so much simpler to just demonize the opposition!  Hence, we have him blaming Republicans for not passing a budget when the House, controlled by Republicans, has passed many budgets and other bills which die in the Democrat-controlled Senate.  Harry Reid doesn’t even bother to bring the bills up for a vote.  And, yet, the media allows Obama and Democrats to continue their mantra of  “blame the Republicans and all Conservatives.”

Obama is to blame for trying to do end-runs around the Constitution.  But, I also blame the mainstream media for not criticizing Obama when he’s wrong .  I blame them for using their own political philosophy — mostly Lieberal — to color their reports and what they do NOT report.  I blame the media for their arrogance in assuming that only THEIR opinions matter.  Even when interviewing experts (by their own definition, these are experts), the Lib media rails against any Conservative comments, refuses to let Conservatives present their thoughts and ideas, and, after the interview, the Lib media derisively  states their objection to the experts’ viewpoint.

None of these free passes for Obama will stop until the voters begin to study issues and ignore the liberal media.  None of these aberrations in Separation of Powers, instituted in the Constitution, will stop until voters understand that a free pass for the President, or any political entity, is actually a free pass to corruption.   In the real world, there are NO free passes for anyone.  Someone ALWAYS PAYS THE BILL.

Tell THAT to the Libs and President Obama….and, do it soon.


Obama and his “band” of fakers!

Obama is the greatest faker in the history of the United States.   Despite claims in his own book that he was born in Kenya, and without a credible birth certificate, he now  claims to be a naturally born American.    Without any  work or administrative experience, he maneuvered himself into the Presidency not once, but twice!  Without any achievements, he is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  Without any evidence of experience, intelligence, or credentials, he convinced the media to cavil at his feet and to continually frame his administration in the kindest words possible.

Using the most criminally oriented advisers in the history of the United States, he has set the country on the course to an Entitlement Society.

He portrays himself as a a President who unites, yet, by his every word and deed, he is a divider.

He fakes emotion.  He fakes intelligence.  He fakes concern.  In short, he is the ultimate faker.

Is it any surprise that Beyonce,  the singer  at Obama’s inauguration,  would also fake singing the National Anthem?



Obama — NO respecter of Life

Today, President Obama claimed that he wanted to protect children.

“This is our first task as a society, keeping our children safe,” Obama said.

Someone should ask him why he would protect THESE children;  YET, he has instituted mass murder of unborn babies through his Obamascare and mandated that OUR tax dollars be spent to scrape these poor innocents out of the womb.  For these poor souls, there is no escape from a violent death!

Obama has always given a good speech.  It is a crying shame that he has no morals and that he is oblivious to  the moral standard, recognized by every civilized society,  that murder is a crime.  And, despite what those who claim otherwise keep saying, abortion is a crime because someone, the unprotected baby,  dies through the use of violent measures.

How can he claim to want to protect these children and yet forget that unborn babies are children, too, and are even more in need of protection?

Don’t let fancy words nor  a carefully designed setting with beautiful children fool you.  Obama is NO RESPECTER OF LIFE!


Colin Powell…Secretary of Whining!

Colin Powell claims that the Republican party is racist:

Unfortunately, his public statements don’t match with what really happened for and to him.  It was a Republican president, George Bush # 43, who gave Powell the glory and power of being Secretary of Defense.  It was the Republican party that gave Powell the opportunity to run for President.   It was the Republican party which was responsible for much of Powell’s success and prominence.

Of course, when Colin Powel reveled in the Republican party,  the political winds favored Republicans.  THEN, he was a fervent Republican!

NOW, the media has commandeered all things political, and constantly rail against Republicans.  Surprisingly, Colin Powell has decided to be anti Republican.  This reversal  sounds as though it is more influenced by self-serving interests than true political philosophy.  He seems to be  willing to switch political affiliations when it suits him personally.

Although no one can absolutely know why people act the way they do, we do  judge people by their actions — which we can see  — and not on what we think about them.

Colin Powell’s latest accusations against Republicans seems to be very self-serving.  His accusations seem to be a flimsy excuse to “fit into”  the stereotype that other blacks prefer.  If he had always stated that he believed Republicans were racist, his comments might have more significance.  But, he rode the Republican wave to victory and now, he wants to jump to the Democrats’ popularity wave.

Unfortunately, this latest grand-standing by Powell is just another instance of how some blacks manipulate the story to their own purposes.  The Republican party actually boasts more minorities in positions of authority than the Democrats.  Isn’t that the true mark of a party that includes ALL Americans?

Powell has become a self-serving bigot who rails against the very people who were his biggest fans.  He complains, insults, and whines because that type of political statement will serve him better now.  He might have been Secretary of Defense once…………NOW, he’s the Secretary of Whining!

“Gimme” Something, Anything, and make it NOW!

The deal that purports to solve the Fiscal Cliff….at least for a few months… really no more than yet another “gimme”  package.

Spending cuts?  Ho hum.  What are those?   Real tax reform?  Ho hum.  Who needs it?  A bill actually read, in its entirety, BEFORE signing?  Ho hum.  Who reads those things anyway?

We have become so accustomed to handouts from the Government that no one questions where the money truly comes from…or bothers to read legislation before passing it.   And, certainly, no politician trusts the American people to read what is being proposed.  Oh, no.  We are supposed to trust them to do the right thing!  Unfortunately, neither  Obama nor the Congress are prepared to do the difficult job of creating a fair economic environment for everyone.  A fair economic environment would create more equal opportunities than this mumbo jumbo mix of ridiculous programs funded by our tax dollars.  Let individuals make decisions on where to spend their own money, not politicians in Washington.

Let’s admit it.  I, and my fellow taxpayers, and our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, have become little more than a handy source of money for Obama’s arcane projects and public giveaways.  Remember Solyndra and GM?  It’s sad that few people who are on the take care about where the welfare money comes from.    Surprised?  No matter how Obama talks grandly about “doing” for others (as if his trip to and from Haiwaii helped the economy), the hard fact is that ALL Government  largesse is from OUR tax dollars!  Oh, yes, Virginia, those dollars did NOT come from President Obama nor his cronies in Washington.  And, whether admitted or not, those tax dollars taken from taxpayers will actually result in LESS jobs and a HIGHER DEFICIT.  Extending unemployment benefits means that people become ever more dependent on Government and less likely to accept that they might have to make adjustments in order to survive.  This welfare mentality is pervasive throughout America now.

And, it’s not just individuals begging in Washington.  EVERYONE expects the U.S. Government to bail them out of emergencies.   Even Governor Christie is begging for money to solve his state’s economic problems.  (

He is irate, as usual, that Congress didn’t just wave the bill through and begin paying through the nose.  As Bill Crystal mentioned last night, on FOX News, the total amount demanded far exceeds the New Jersey state budget.  And, the Congress was in the midst of dealing with a highly contentious, and unfortunately misguided, bill to avoid the Fiscal Cliff.  But, Christie doesn’t care about that either!  He sees a chance to use public guilt as a source of funding to make HIS budgets balance.

It’s pathetic that Christie and other welfare addicts don’t stop to think of the resulting chaos that their selfishness has caused for our economy.  Welfare benefits and entitlements are destroying us financially, with little possibility of cutting those welfare addicts off.  And, for those of us who have religiously paid into Social Security and Medicare, our benefits are being indexed, based on our current income.  Social security and Medicare were state-mandated pension funds for us and yet, due to the welfare society syndrome, they are now considered entitlements…………if you are too “rich”.

The sad fact is that “takers” seldom care where the money comes from.  They are all too ready to follow anyone who promises them more free money and, that is what Obama does best.  He continuously harps that everyone should pay their fair share.  Well, those of us in upper income brackets have ALWAYS PAID OUR FAIR SHARE.  In fact, we pay the majority of the taxes.  Not only are our tax rates higher, but there are very few deductions allowed to us.  Our Social Security and Medicare premiums are raised and the payouts reduced.  We cannot deduct insurance premiums, and on and on.  AND, if we happen to have a deduction that would help lower our tax rate, why then, the Alternative Minimum Tax cuts it down to size.

The “gimme” society is determined to make everyone the same, even if everyone is NOT the same.  Remember, America’s promise was the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, NOT the guarantee of Happiness.  That means that everyone should have equal opportunity, not equal pay, equal living standards,  and, definitely not “equality” based on taxing the stuffing out of others.

It’s definitely time for individuals in the  “gimme” society to start earning their own way.  And, it’s past time for Congress and Obama to stop politicizing issues and begin acting like responsible statesmen!

The “gimme” society is failing us, themselves, and our heirs.