Libs and Obama

Why are the Lieberal media and President so much in love with each other?

Well, the Lieberal media love an easy story and Obama makes everything easy for the media.  There is no need to research anything because Obama TELLS the media — repeatedly — how awful Republicans are.  He TELLS them his perception of everything, and they write it down.  He TELLS them what to think, how to think, when to think it, and even WHY they think it!  In short, they are the Golden Retrievers of the news.  If Obama smiles, the Golden Retriever wags his tail.  If Obama frowns, the dog sits down and hangs his head.  If Obama cites “facts”, these lap dogs enthusiastically bark out his message.   And, then, they report the storyline HE created!

Why, why, why would a so-called professional journalist let his medium be usurped by anyone?  Why would they lower their standards to the point where they are merely taking dictation, not delving into and reporting the true situation?  Because, it is easier!  It is easier for the lib media, and it is easier for Obama.

Rather than confront ISSUES, President Obama, and the Democrats, continuously insult, demonize, and create false labels for anyone or anything that opposes them and their ideas.

If the mainstream media were doing their job, Obama would be answering real time questions on real issues, and he would have to present FACTS, not insults and innuendoes about these issues.

Of course Obama wants to prevent the opposition from presenting facts or ideas that counter his demands.  It’s so much simpler to just demonize the opposition!  Hence, we have him blaming Republicans for not passing a budget when the House, controlled by Republicans, has passed many budgets and other bills which die in the Democrat-controlled Senate.  Harry Reid doesn’t even bother to bring the bills up for a vote.  And, yet, the media allows Obama and Democrats to continue their mantra of  “blame the Republicans and all Conservatives.”

Obama is to blame for trying to do end-runs around the Constitution.  But, I also blame the mainstream media for not criticizing Obama when he’s wrong .  I blame them for using their own political philosophy — mostly Lieberal — to color their reports and what they do NOT report.  I blame the media for their arrogance in assuming that only THEIR opinions matter.  Even when interviewing experts (by their own definition, these are experts), the Lib media rails against any Conservative comments, refuses to let Conservatives present their thoughts and ideas, and, after the interview, the Lib media derisively  states their objection to the experts’ viewpoint.

None of these free passes for Obama will stop until the voters begin to study issues and ignore the liberal media.  None of these aberrations in Separation of Powers, instituted in the Constitution, will stop until voters understand that a free pass for the President, or any political entity, is actually a free pass to corruption.   In the real world, there are NO free passes for anyone.  Someone ALWAYS PAYS THE BILL.

Tell THAT to the Libs and President Obama….and, do it soon.


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