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Cokie Roberts is either blind or willfully ignorant!

So, Cokie Roberts is supporting Hillary Clinton and believes that those of us who support Donald Trump are morally tainted for that support?  It’s unbelievable that a “journalist”  — if she can be called that — would believe that she knows us all so well that she can decide our morality or immorality.  I think that supporting Hillary shows a decided inability to witness to the facts and decide upon the facts of Hillary’s despotic and criminal history.  After all, Cokie supports Hillary who:

1…Lied to Congress and the American people about Benghazi.

2…Lied to Congress and the American people about not allowing classified email to be unsecured on her server.

3….Lied to Congress and the American people about only using the private, UNSECURED, server for personal activities.

4….Lied to Congress and the American people about keeping her decisions as Secretary of State separate from her husband’s speaking fees.  Those fees brought in millions of dollars to them personally and millions, even billions, to the Clinton Foundation.

5…Lied to the American people about supporting rape victims when she attacked those women who say that Bill Clinton raped them.

6…Berated Secret Service and staff to the point where some of them were depressed and, it is said, that Vince Foster committed suicide.

7….Made more money in stocks than is possible by any measure.

8…Stole the White House’s silverware as Bill left office.

9…Lied to the American public about the Travel Office debacle.

10…Lied, lies, and will lie some more.  That is Hillary’s modus operandi.

And, Cokie Roberts thinks that Trump supporters are morally tainted?  

I take great exception to anyone judging my support for Donald Trump.  The talking heads should stop trying to save Hillary from her own immorality.  What does Cokie’s support for Hillary show about Cokie’s own morality?  Maybe COKIE should look in the mirror because HER nominee, Hillary Clinton, has been involved in scandal after scandal.  The only thing saving Hillary is people like Cokie Roberts who are either blind to Hillary’s criminal acts, or, are willing to accept a morally challenged nominee because it gains them some personal benefit!  Just like the book, Clinton Cash, reveals, the Clintons have used the influence of their offices to improve their own lot.  I wonder what supporting Hillary is going to do for Cokie?

After all, Cokie,  birds of a feather, flock together.

Cokie Roberts: Trump Backers Are ‘Morally Tainted’

Who’s to blame for America’s problems?

I say the answer is President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Why?  Well, why is there so much conflict in America?  Why do many blacks feel they have the right to riot and rampage?  Why do we law-abiding citizens not demand that criminal acts be punished?

Why wasn’t the election of our first black President a healing time?

Well, I believe that the first problem for and with President Obama is that he self-identifies as “black” when, in fact, he is as much white as he is black.

Secondly, he creates the impression of racial injustice by injecting himself into situations which should  be matters for the court system.  In case after case, he automatically chooses to believe the black.

Justice is supposed to be blind; and, as a lawyer, Obama was taught that mantra.  As President, he is required to be impartial.  But, Obama has failed that principle.  He  unconditionally supports whoever is  black.  And, by taking sides, he prevents the processes that lead to true justice.  By saying that a certain man could have been his son or saying that  the police were wrong or to continue the narrative that blacks in America are mistreaten, downtrodden, or somehow have failed to receive a fair shake, is to create an environment that fosters discord.

The targeting of whites in Milwaukee by blacks is symptomatic of a President who has failed to challenge all Americans to respect the rights of others and to follow the rule of law.  The killing of police officers is a result of Obama’s public disrespect for those men and women who risk their lives to defend ours.  Obama’s disastrous apologies for America’s might which was bought with the red blood of countless Americans, be they black, white or any shade of the rainbow, has decimated our military and allowed foreign powers to kill countless Americans and helpless innocents in other countries.

Obama, and now Hillary, seek to empower themselves politically and financially by dividing our citizens rather than uniting us for a strong America.  They enrich themselves all the while punishing successful businesses and individuals.  They have no respect for traditional American institutions and certainly no respect for our Constitution.

Obama and Hillary conflate every situation for their own benefit.  They routinely use hyperbolic language to denigrate the opposition and the media never questions their statements nor their motives.   They repeat lies even though the lies are demonstrably false and the media refuse to question those lies.  Obama and Hillary have used their positions of power to their own advantage and to the detriment of the American taxpayer.  And, the media sits at their feet, drooling like the most patient labrador retriever.

If only we could tell Obama and Hillary to “sit and heel”, maybe we could avert the sure disaster that these two are driving us towards.  Unfortunately, until the media begins delving into Hillary’s relationship with the Clinton Foundation and how foreign governments bought favors from her while she was Secretary of State, we can expect more shenanigans and more disgrace for our beloved country.

So, who is to blame for the racial strife and chaos that accompanies that strife?

None other than Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Their legacy will be a weaker America. Their legacy will be the death of more Americans.  Their legacy will be more and more strife, and grief for our America!

The Devil is in the details

If you are following the Hillary Clinton email scandal, you are NOT a media talking head.

If you are following the Hillary Clinton email scandal, you are NOT a Lieberal or a Democrat.

If you are following the Hillary Clinton email scandal, you are one of the few, responsible voters in America.

Because, the media is doing their best to make sure that no one will hear of one more Clinton scandal, one more criminal act by the Hill, and one more proof that Democrats vote like lemmings.  For Democrats, a D behind the name of a candidate is all they need to know.

And, the media is successfully obscuring details of Hillary’s treasonous use of her position as Secretary of State.  Unfortunately, the Devil, or Hillary, IS in the details.  And, if you want to save our country, you had better know each and every detail.

There WERE over 30,000 missing emails.

There WAS classified information transmitted through her unsecured servers.

There were human casualties caused by her reckless and criminal refusal to utilize secure internet services. Among them, of course, were the four American heroes at Benghazi.  And, now, add the Iranian nuclear scientist whom Hillary “gave up”  when she refused to use a secure server.  And, who knows how many others were sacrificed for Hillary’s “convenience” ?

Details, details, details.

Does anyone care that Hillary’s entire career has been littered with the bodies of both friends and opponents?

Does anyone care that Hillary  has always, and only, worked for her own, personal welfare?

Does anyone care that Hillary has sold our country’s secrets in order to advance her personal agenda and improve her personal financial situation?

The only way to stop this woman is to look at the common denominator in all these criminal tragedies.  We have to find the “devil”,  see what a corrupt woman she has been and will undoubtedly continue to be, and vote for Trump.

Oh, beautiful for Spacious Skies….

How Donald Trump might feel  when he hears this glorious ode to America.

Oh, beautiful for Spacious Skies………..

Mr. Trump sees the skies of America opening up with opportunity for all Americans to pursue Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

For amber waves of grain……………..

Mr. Trump envisions the end of poverty through an abundance of good-paying jobs for all Americans.

For purple mountain majesty, above the fruited plains…………

Mr. Trump wants to bring back the dignity of an honest day’s work.

America, America, God shed His Grace on thee!

Mr. Trump imagines an America where everyone finds his own, individual Higher Purpose.

And, crown thy good with brotherhood……….

Mr. Trump hopes that politicians will stop using class warfare and racial strife as a means to be reelected and that everyone will see their neighbor as their brother.

From sea to shining sea…………..

Mr. Trump dreams of an America with a bright future, no matter where each American lives.