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Attacking the “Hill”……….

Hillary and Bill Clinton’s political campaigns have never truly been about improving America.  Their focus has always been on improving their own lot in life or their status among the world’s leaders.  To reach that goal, they have relied upon destroying their political opponents….or, in their terminology, the  enemy.  No matter who is the “enemy” — to most others, the opponent — , Hill and Bill count on voters believing that there is a conspiracy of some sort that is out to ruin the Clintons’ careers.  Those of us who oppose the Clintons have been called racists, bigots, sexists, the vast right wing conspiracy, intellectually challenged, and just plain too stupid to understand the grandeur of the Clintons’ vision for America.

Unfortunately, that vision usually includes a sizeable benefit for the Clintons.

Those of us old enough to have seen how avaricious the Clintons are do not need to be reminded of their blatant criminality even while serving in a variety of our political offices.  For those who are too young to remember, there is “Clinton Cash”, a very good recitation of how Clintons became so wealthy.

Attacking the Hill has always been presented as an attack on Women in general and NOT as an attack upon a political opponent’s unfitness for office.  So, if someone asks about Hillary’s use of an unsanctioned email server, that questioner becomes a sexist.  Or, if Congress asks to see the emails, they are part of the vast right wing conspiracy.  When Judicial Watch asked for documents that Hillary created while Secretary of State which belong to the American public,  she and her minions stalled, stalled, and stalled some more.  Finally, a court intervened and demanded that the emails be released.

When Dr. Drew questioned Hillary’s health, his program was cancelled.  Of course, the network claimed this had been “in the works” for a long time.  Sure it was.

When stories appear that are unflattering to Hillary, that network becomes a pariah and, unless forced to, no one from the Democrat’s camp nor Hillary will be interviewed by them.  Of course, that network is FOX.

With this type of history and histrionics coming from the Hill’s camp, most politicians are afraid to publicly criticize her, much less itemize her faults and criminal history.

That is why Donald Trump is the only politician who could run against her and succeed.  Although he, too, has been called names, subjected to vile distortion of his words and speeches, he alone has the guts to challenge her credentials, her health, and her unfitness to be President of the United States.

The media, Hillary’s attack dog,  likes to claim that Trump is unqualified, too.  But, he has run successful businesses all his life.  He is worth a LOT of money and, unlike the Clintons,  none of that came from “pay for play” while in office.  In fact, he has never held a political office, but has worked his entire life.

Compare that to Bill and Hill who essentially have been lotus eaters, always campaigning for the next office and always living off the fat of the land, i.e., the taxpayers’ dollar.

Time to end their parasitic dependence upon the taxpayers’ coffers.  Time to reveal the real Hillary and her predilection for her self aggrandizement policies.  It’s time to say no to Hillary and Bill who have always used  public office for personal gain.

In short, it’s time, long past time, to attack the Hill, and bring her back down to Earth!


The Devil is in the details

If you are following the Hillary Clinton email scandal, you are NOT a media talking head.

If you are following the Hillary Clinton email scandal, you are NOT a Lieberal or a Democrat.

If you are following the Hillary Clinton email scandal, you are one of the few, responsible voters in America.

Because, the media is doing their best to make sure that no one will hear of one more Clinton scandal, one more criminal act by the Hill, and one more proof that Democrats vote like lemmings.  For Democrats, a D behind the name of a candidate is all they need to know.

And, the media is successfully obscuring details of Hillary’s treasonous use of her position as Secretary of State.  Unfortunately, the Devil, or Hillary, IS in the details.  And, if you want to save our country, you had better know each and every detail.

There WERE over 30,000 missing emails.

There WAS classified information transmitted through her unsecured servers.

There were human casualties caused by her reckless and criminal refusal to utilize secure internet services. Among them, of course, were the four American heroes at Benghazi.  And, now, add the Iranian nuclear scientist whom Hillary “gave up”  when she refused to use a secure server.  And, who knows how many others were sacrificed for Hillary’s “convenience” ?

Details, details, details.

Does anyone care that Hillary’s entire career has been littered with the bodies of both friends and opponents?

Does anyone care that Hillary  has always, and only, worked for her own, personal welfare?

Does anyone care that Hillary has sold our country’s secrets in order to advance her personal agenda and improve her personal financial situation?

The only way to stop this woman is to look at the common denominator in all these criminal tragedies.  We have to find the “devil”,  see what a corrupt woman she has been and will undoubtedly continue to be, and vote for Trump.

Republicans versus Democrats

Why didn’t the Democrats, especially their newly annointed candidate for President, vehemently disagree with the Huffington post which has now openly encouraged violence against Trump’s supporters?

It’s scary that Lieberals believe they have the right to use violence against anyone with an opposing political philosophy.  Hillary repeated her talking point that “Trump started it” .  What a childish response to actions taken by her side of the fence.  Actually, by her not staunchly condemning the violence, she condoned it!

Shouldn’t she, who claims to have “fixes” for American foreign policy, have been able to formulate a method of stopping this virulent and uncontrolled violence?

Shouldn’t she have condemned the mayor of San Diego who blamed  Trump for what the “other side” did to Trump supporters?  Shouldn’t she have raised questions about the mayor’s passing the buck as to why the police did NOT protect the Trump supporters?  Shouldn’t the Democrats condemn  the hotel staff who prevented that poor women being pelted with eggs and insults and violence from entering the lobby of their building?

This rationalization as to why it is acceptable for Democrats’ supporters to riot, create mayhem, assault people who disagree with them, destroy police cars, intimidate the police, is all part of the stock in trade for Democrats.  They march and protest whenever they want because the Lieberal agenda cannot be defended with intelligent conversations.  Their mantra is that the ends justify the means, much like when Senator Reid lied about Governor Romney’s taxes and later, infamously claimed he was NOT sorry because “Romney lost, didn’t he?”

Many Democrats have lost their moral guidance system.  Their quest is to win, win, win, no matter the cost.  If opponents lose their right to free speech and even their right to be physically safe………….well, that’s okay because it might further the Democrats’ agenda.  If police feel insecure in doing their jobs because the Democrats have hounded them at every turn and every point,…………..well, that’s okay, too, because creating a disenfranchised group means you can isolate that group and make promises so they vote in your favor.  And, if you promote violence towards Conservatives, especially Trump supporters………………well, that’s okay, too, because…….well, just because.

If it means more votes, Democrats promise free college, free child care, free everything…………..all at the expense of those who have worked to earn their way through Life.  Lieberals want to buy votes by creating an America where everyone relies upon the government..  That means the Lieberals can remain in power longer which, in turn, means they become rich.  Only in this instance, being rich would be okay because these Lieberals have the best interests of the masses in mind.  Sure they do.  Tell me how a $12,000 jacket that Hillary wore feeds one more hungry child.

And, in this search for votes, hurting Trump supporters seems like an easy venue to the Lieberals.  The truly horrible aspect of this attitude is that Lieberals now feel they can voice this strategy of violence in public, i.e., the Huffington Post!

It is no longer Republicans versus Democrats about political philosophy.  Democrats have begun their own violent revolution, including physical violence against Republicans.

Until Democrats, especially their nominee, vigorously condemn these hostile actions, there will be more violence and more people hurt.  It is time for Democrats to follow the Constitution which promises Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness to ALL, not just their own partisans.

It’s Halloween and Hillary is….Stirring the Pot

Boil, boil, toil, and trouble.  It’s Halloween and the cauldron continues to boil with Hillary’s poisonous brew.

There’s not a ghost of a chance that the fans of Hillary Clinton will admit that her behaviour is scandalous nor acknowledge that her attempts to explain the inexplicable are ridiculous.  They are true believers.  Nothing will dissuade them from their belief in her…..even as she leads them deeper and deeper into the darkening woods.

There seems to be no retribution despite how the Clintons have betrayed the American public while in their public positions.  Hillary “knows”  her misbehaviour will be forgiven if she blames the Republicans or finds another scapegoat.  It is NEVER her fault when her perfidious, manipulative and yes, evil actions become public knowledge. For, if the past is prelude to the future, she can rely upon her fans forgiving her because they always have.  There are never any consequences for Hillary’s mistakes.  From Whitewater to the death of Foster to the women abused by former President Bill Clinton and Hillary’s scorn for them  to Benghazi to the deleted emails on an unauthorized server, Hillary’s lap dogs continue to drool  at her feet.

Much of the reason for this mindless adoration is that the media has always been her greatest asset and ally.  They have been complicit in her deviousness by under reporting or even misrepresenting her disingenuous explanations.  Whatever advances the Clintons has been more important to the media than the Truth.   They and the  Democrats routinely put on their rose-colored glasses and belly up to the bar to swill down Hillary’s  poisonous potions.  Seldom does a Democrat question a Clinton pronouncement, even when what Hillary or Bill is saying is ludicrous and demonstrably false.  Countless videos prove Hillary has lied countless times, yet Democrats’ eyes glaze over when she speaks and they willingly accept the lie. It’s as if Hillary bewitches them all.

Like vampires who suck the life blood out of their victims, Hillary uses and abuses her sycophants, throwing them to the wolves when it serves her own purposes.  This is her history and it is unlikely she will change.  Unfortunately, she has been around a long time, maybe too long.  If we learn from our past, she, and her mistakes, should warn us not to trust her.

And, while it might be Halloween and we expect goblins and ghoulies to roam our streets,maybe  it’s okay if Hillary disguises herself as the good fairy even though evidence proves she is an evil witch.  But, as we choose our next President, we should remember that Hillary is a devious egomaniac.  And, knowing this, we MUST NOT allow Hillary to bewitch  us into believing her lies.