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Trumping the Democrats

That’s what Donald J. Trump did.

He Trumped the Democrats.

He Trumped the Arrogant Media.

For those of us who have been silently waiting for Conservative common sense to return, this is a glorious election result.  It’s about time that we recognize that this country was to be ruled by the majority and not some PC bureaucrat in Washington.

For those who resent the election results, remember that you have had your chance to run the country and it was a disaster.  Wages fell.  Soldiers died for lack of decent gear.  Ambassadors and their security forces died for want of the Secretary of State’s attention and concern.  Your “turn” has eroded our place in the world’s power structure and created even more bureaucracy.

Remember:  someone is almost always unhappy with an election result and the difference between Conservatives and Lieberals is very clear at these times.  Winning Conservatives quietly begin working on the promises they made during the campaign.  Winning Democrats run around, braying and celebrating.  Remember Obama’s churlish “I won, you didn’t” comment to Senator McCain?

Well, all you Democrats, here’s the deal.  We won.  You lost.  Get over it and try to act like adults this time.

Because now, our President-Elect, Mr. Trump, can begin to use his pragmatism and common sense to fix the problems facing our country.

Trump’s business acumen will be a huge advantage  as he works on problems.  Why?  Through astute problem solving, Mr. Trump will be creating more jobs which will generate more tax revenue which will lower our National Debt which will mean lower taxes which will  free up money for businesses to expand which will create more jobs which will mean  less people on unemployment which will mean lower taxes to pay for that and welfare which means more money for everyone to spend which means more demands for products which means more business which means more companies need to hire more employees which means more money in their pockets which means more spending which means more jobs which means……………………………………….a Great America.

So, let’s stop the nonsensical protests and get to work improving life for all of America’s citizzens.

Because, it is time to come together and make America Great again.

Noah Feldman is a “blooming” — Bloomberg — fool.

It always surprises me that Lieberals, and, yes, the “lie” portion is intentional, are so willing to denigrate those who support someone else. Their first line of attack is almost always to insult any person or idea that doesn’t line up with their agenda.  Rather than responding to all the horrible things that Hillary said and did, as revealed by Wikileaks, the Democrats try to shift the story line to who released the emails and whom should be blamed for their release.  It’s a “kill the messenger” strategy that often works because the media refuse to report the facts, rather than their opinion of the facts. The malevolence and deviousness of the media toward conservatives shouldn’t surprise me, but it does!

The real story should be the CONTENT OF HILLARY’S EMAILS, NOT HOW THE EMAILS CAME INTO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN.  Yet, the Lieberal press keeps on plugging the storyline that the problem is who released the emails.  It’s ironic that, if Hillary had followed her own State Department’s guidelines, none of her vitriol nor self-servicing actions would be public knowledge! It’s her own fault that we now know a great deal about her perfidious behaviour, DESPITE a press that cowers at her feet like lapdogs.

So, unsurprisingly, Bloomberg press has found yet another Lieberal, Noah Feldman,  who ignores Hillary’s problems with the Truth and who scomplains about those of us who support Donald Trump.  Mr. Feldman believes that those of us who prefer a businessman, i.e., Donald Trump,to be our next President versus a  woman, Hillary Clinton, who has proven over and over that she is willing to commit illegalities if it promotes her own career…..EVEN when she holds public office……have a lack of intelligence.  Yes, Mr. Feldman believes those of us who prefer a businessman over a dishonest, career politician are not able to discern facts from fiction.

I believe that Mr. Feldman is the one who is unable to look at facts and come up with an objective answer.  If he could think rationally, he would have looked at Hillary’s dishonesty throughout her public career and he would have made the right choice to vote for Mr. Trump.

How can anyone with a lick of common sense prefer Hillary over Trump?  How can anyone pretend that Hillary is an honest politician?  How can anyone, like Mr. Feldman, continue to cover up for one of this country’s most egregious liars that is Hillary?

There must be something to be gained by Mr. Feldman.  How does his support for the Democrats help him?  Really.  What is there to be gained in supporting Hillary with all her illegal  baggage? That, too, is likely hidden in one of the “bleached” emails that Hillary did NOT want us to see.

So, rather than questioning the intelligence of Trump supporters, let’s discuss Mr. Feldman’s lack of intelligence and objectivity.

As one of the deplorables, let me ask Mr. Feldman, and all his cronies in the Lieberal press,  a question.  Why do you support a candidate, Hillary Clinton, who has been involved in countless illegal activites while holding public office?  Why do you insist on ignoring and covering up Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate, the abuse of Bill’s  rape victims, the theft of White House  silverware (etc.), the potential involvement with Vincent Foster, her flip flops on policies (TPP),  her illegal and inexcusable use of an unsecured private server to send and receive classified information (see Comey’s testimony about whether it was classified), her perjury to Congress regarding her use of multiple devices, her bleaching of governmental information AFTER a subpoena was issued and served, her collusion to hide her unsecured server, her dereliction of duty to protect those in Benghazi, her delivering American uranium to Russia, her use of the Clinton Foundation to further her and Bill’s financial gains,  her lies about the extent of donations made by the Clinton Foundation, her use of gifts to the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments which appear to have influenced her decisions as Secretary of State…………………..her lies to the American voter about almost everything?

The Lieberal press can’t answer these questions with a straight face because the Truth about Hillary and her unsavory behaviour is so unpalatable to any American voter.  The media reminds me of an old saying regarding hiding the truth.  It was:  Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies.

Apparently, Mr. Feldman prefers asking no questions of Hillary Clinton because he knows he will only get lies back!

Yes, Mr. Feldman wants the public to believe that Trump supporters are idiots;  but, his own opinionated writings belie the Truth.  In fact, if he could even recognize a fact, Mr. Feldman  is just another Lieberal who can’t accept the truth about the Democrat’s nominee.

Is America “Bushed” ??????

As a strong  supporter of Bush 41 AND 43, I am appalled at the report that Bush 41 might choose to vote for Hillary over Donald Trump.   Even the hint of such a betrayal makes me wonder as Vince Lombardi famously said,  “What in the hell is going on out there?”

What is happening to these Republicans?  How can they say that Hillary, with all the scandals in her past, could EVER be superior to a President Trump,  a successful businessman?

In fact, how can any bonafide Republican vote for her in good conscience?

The answer is that they can’t.  Any Republican who supports her has to twist himself, or herself, into knots in an effort to justify their betrayal of the party that put them into office.  They claim that they don’t approve of Trump; but, can they honestly say that they approve of Hillary, with all her scandals?

I have been losing faith in the Bushes who treat Bill Clinton, a proven sexual pervert, like a son.  And, yet, they treat Trump, a man who has never smoked, drunk alcohol, nor used drugs, like a pariah.  They rode the Republican elephant into office and now, when we need them, where are they?  They pretend that their “sensibilities” are offended!  That is sheer arrogance and complete disregard for what is best for America.

Do they want our country to keep descending into chaos?  Do they truly believe that Hillary is capable of returning the country to safety after Obama’s disastrous 8 years? Trump has proven himself an adept businessman and a capable leader.  He is the candidate to return America to Greatness.

And, even if the Bushes don’t feel an obligation to vote for Trump, they should do it for the Republican party!  They owe a great deal to us Republicans who put both of them into the Presidency. And, because we Republicans put them into office, they owe the party’s nominee, Trump, their complete support. Enough with the pettiness and the pretense that they aren’t endorsing Trump because their vote is private!  That is hogwash.   Jeb, especially, needs to honor his pledge to support the party’s nominee. No ifs, ands, or buts, are acceptable.

So, is America “Bushed” or “Bushwhacked”?   Only time will tell.







Republicans versus Democrats

Why didn’t the Democrats, especially their newly annointed candidate for President, vehemently disagree with the Huffington post which has now openly encouraged violence against Trump’s supporters?

It’s scary that Lieberals believe they have the right to use violence against anyone with an opposing political philosophy.  Hillary repeated her talking point that “Trump started it” .  What a childish response to actions taken by her side of the fence.  Actually, by her not staunchly condemning the violence, she condoned it!

Shouldn’t she, who claims to have “fixes” for American foreign policy, have been able to formulate a method of stopping this virulent and uncontrolled violence?

Shouldn’t she have condemned the mayor of San Diego who blamed  Trump for what the “other side” did to Trump supporters?  Shouldn’t she have raised questions about the mayor’s passing the buck as to why the police did NOT protect the Trump supporters?  Shouldn’t the Democrats condemn  the hotel staff who prevented that poor women being pelted with eggs and insults and violence from entering the lobby of their building?

This rationalization as to why it is acceptable for Democrats’ supporters to riot, create mayhem, assault people who disagree with them, destroy police cars, intimidate the police, is all part of the stock in trade for Democrats.  They march and protest whenever they want because the Lieberal agenda cannot be defended with intelligent conversations.  Their mantra is that the ends justify the means, much like when Senator Reid lied about Governor Romney’s taxes and later, infamously claimed he was NOT sorry because “Romney lost, didn’t he?”

Many Democrats have lost their moral guidance system.  Their quest is to win, win, win, no matter the cost.  If opponents lose their right to free speech and even their right to be physically safe………….well, that’s okay because it might further the Democrats’ agenda.  If police feel insecure in doing their jobs because the Democrats have hounded them at every turn and every point,…………..well, that’s okay, too, because creating a disenfranchised group means you can isolate that group and make promises so they vote in your favor.  And, if you promote violence towards Conservatives, especially Trump supporters………………well, that’s okay, too, because…….well, just because.

If it means more votes, Democrats promise free college, free child care, free everything…………..all at the expense of those who have worked to earn their way through Life.  Lieberals want to buy votes by creating an America where everyone relies upon the government..  That means the Lieberals can remain in power longer which, in turn, means they become rich.  Only in this instance, being rich would be okay because these Lieberals have the best interests of the masses in mind.  Sure they do.  Tell me how a $12,000 jacket that Hillary wore feeds one more hungry child.

And, in this search for votes, hurting Trump supporters seems like an easy venue to the Lieberals.  The truly horrible aspect of this attitude is that Lieberals now feel they can voice this strategy of violence in public, i.e., the Huffington Post!

It is no longer Republicans versus Democrats about political philosophy.  Democrats have begun their own violent revolution, including physical violence against Republicans.

Until Democrats, especially their nominee, vigorously condemn these hostile actions, there will be more violence and more people hurt.  It is time for Democrats to follow the Constitution which promises Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness to ALL, not just their own partisans.

What’s in a name?

Well, sometimes, a lot.

Being called names when you are a child can cause lifelong, emotional scars from which people never recover.  Even adults can have their feelings hurt by someone’s harsh words.  But, adults are expected to roll with the punches.  Or, as my husband always says,  “Consider the source.”

So, if you know someone dislikes red hair, don’t be surprised if he yells  “carrot top” when he sees a redhead.   Knowing the person calling names is just being nasty might not take away all the sting;  but, it does let you know that it’s truly NOT you, it’s just that other person’s problematic attitude.

Unfortunately, some people can be mean, nasty, rude, and just plain hostile to others who don’t fit their personal preferences.  That was evident when the man at a Trump rally talked about Muslims and President Obama in one breath.  Rather than offering facts to support his comments, he threw out accusations and the PC police jumped on him?  Nope.  They jumped on Trump who was  the guest speaker.

However, that man was NOT a representative of Trump.  That man did NOT speak for Trump.  Those comments came from a man in the crowd!  But, of course, the Lieberals blamed Trump anyway.

It’s wrong to penalize one person for what another says.  But, in this day and age of Political Correctness, the PC police are everywhere and always, always, want to hang someone, especially if that someone is a Conservative.  That is what happened to Trump.  Rather than complain about the man in the crowd who was making offensive comments, the  PC police  attacked Trump’s “non” response.  Trump was innocent of any offensive comments — in that particular case — but his political opponents called him a racist because he didn’t correct the man in the crowd.

Of course, back when Hillary called Obama a Muslim, it was just hard politicking.  The media always loves and supports Lieberals.  But, Trump?  He was an easy target for the media’s and pundits’ scorn.  In the past, the media had no qualms about calling  Trump a clown and now, a racist.  None of that is true, of course, but after all, it’s “only” a name, right?   Names only matter if it is deemed that a Conservative might be using them.

So, what’s in a name?  Well, sometimes, as in this case,  nothing.  Sometimes, it’s all a political tempest in a teapot.