Trumping the Democrats

That’s what Donald J. Trump did.

He Trumped the Democrats.

He Trumped the Arrogant Media.

For those of us who have been silently waiting for Conservative common sense to return, this is a glorious election result.  It’s about time that we recognize that this country was to be ruled by the majority and not some PC bureaucrat in Washington.

For those who resent the election results, remember that you have had your chance to run the country and it was a disaster.  Wages fell.  Soldiers died for lack of decent gear.  Ambassadors and their security forces died for want of the Secretary of State’s attention and concern.  Your “turn” has eroded our place in the world’s power structure and created even more bureaucracy.

Remember:  someone is almost always unhappy with an election result and the difference between Conservatives and Lieberals is very clear at these times.  Winning Conservatives quietly begin working on the promises they made during the campaign.  Winning Democrats run around, braying and celebrating.  Remember Obama’s churlish “I won, you didn’t” comment to Senator McCain?

Well, all you Democrats, here’s the deal.  We won.  You lost.  Get over it and try to act like adults this time.

Because now, our President-Elect, Mr. Trump, can begin to use his pragmatism and common sense to fix the problems facing our country.

Trump’s business acumen will be a huge advantage  as he works on problems.  Why?  Through astute problem solving, Mr. Trump will be creating more jobs which will generate more tax revenue which will lower our National Debt which will mean lower taxes which will  free up money for businesses to expand which will create more jobs which will mean  less people on unemployment which will mean lower taxes to pay for that and welfare which means more money for everyone to spend which means more demands for products which means more business which means more companies need to hire more employees which means more money in their pockets which means more spending which means more jobs which means……………………………………….a Great America.

So, let’s stop the nonsensical protests and get to work improving life for all of America’s citizzens.

Because, it is time to come together and make America Great again.

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