Is America “Bushed” ??????

As a strong  supporter of Bush 41 AND 43, I am appalled at the report that Bush 41 might choose to vote for Hillary over Donald Trump.   Even the hint of such a betrayal makes me wonder as Vince Lombardi famously said,  “What in the hell is going on out there?”

What is happening to these Republicans?  How can they say that Hillary, with all the scandals in her past, could EVER be superior to a President Trump,  a successful businessman?

In fact, how can any bonafide Republican vote for her in good conscience?

The answer is that they can’t.  Any Republican who supports her has to twist himself, or herself, into knots in an effort to justify their betrayal of the party that put them into office.  They claim that they don’t approve of Trump; but, can they honestly say that they approve of Hillary, with all her scandals?

I have been losing faith in the Bushes who treat Bill Clinton, a proven sexual pervert, like a son.  And, yet, they treat Trump, a man who has never smoked, drunk alcohol, nor used drugs, like a pariah.  They rode the Republican elephant into office and now, when we need them, where are they?  They pretend that their “sensibilities” are offended!  That is sheer arrogance and complete disregard for what is best for America.

Do they want our country to keep descending into chaos?  Do they truly believe that Hillary is capable of returning the country to safety after Obama’s disastrous 8 years? Trump has proven himself an adept businessman and a capable leader.  He is the candidate to return America to Greatness.

And, even if the Bushes don’t feel an obligation to vote for Trump, they should do it for the Republican party!  They owe a great deal to us Republicans who put both of them into the Presidency. And, because we Republicans put them into office, they owe the party’s nominee, Trump, their complete support. Enough with the pettiness and the pretense that they aren’t endorsing Trump because their vote is private!  That is hogwash.   Jeb, especially, needs to honor his pledge to support the party’s nominee. No ifs, ands, or buts, are acceptable.

So, is America “Bushed” or “Bushwhacked”?   Only time will tell.







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