Trump and Hillary

Considering the results of last night’s debate, I agree with Dennis Green who said,  “They are who we thought they were!”

Hillary was robotic, snotty, arrogant and…..willing to lie about her support for the “gold standard”, the TTP….and exemplified  everything else we thought she was.

Hillary memorized talking points so she could list items.  She obviously didn’t think up all these things on the spur of the moment.  Hillary never had to defend her record because Lester Holt ONLY asked pointed questions of Donald Trump.  And, Hillary was given extensive time for her answers whereas Holt interrupted Trump and even cut him off several times.

Although I have never liked Hillary because she  escaped accountability and prosecution for her many crimes, as did her husband, I tried to watch with an open mind.  Her performance at the debate did not convince me that Hillary has improved her character from the annoying, arrogant, supercilious, self-serving politician that she has always been.

Trump, on the other hand,  was smooth, polite, and a gentleman even while Hillary was obnoxiously insulting.  He treated Hillary with far more respect than she deserved.  She, at every turn, insulted and belittled him and his successful career as a businessman.  Lester Holt never challenged her facts, especially the “gold standard” remark she denied ever making.

Trump defended himself well despite Hillary’s non-stop attack with scurrilous and untrue comments.  She never had to defend herself because Holt never asked her anything pointed.

Character should be the most important determining factor on who is suited to be President.

If you consider the performance of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the only conclusion to be reached is that Hillary’s character is devious and not suited to the Presidency.  Donald Trump spoke truthfully and does have the skills and character to be President.

So, Trump and Hillary definitely are who we thought they were.  And, Trump is the best choice for President.

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