Monthly Archives: December 2016

Another football day.

I wanted to start this with “Another Sunday, another football game”.  But……..that would be  a misrepresentation, or “fake news”,  which the mainstream media would surely catch.  haha.   The media only concerns itself with tid bits that might hurt conservatives.

Anyway, the reason the proposed title would be fake news is that Sundays no longer have the monopoly on football.  Oh, no.  The NFL has usurped more and more days and nights for this sport.  Football used to be relegated to Sundays.  Then, Monday night was included.  Then, Thursday and, horror of horrors, even Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Why is there so much interest in a sport that only a privileged few can play?  Machismo?  The worship of athleticism?  Or, is it Mitteyesque?

Why do people self-identify with a player or team?  Is a man who plays football professionally really more macho than the guy who slogs through his job everyday, hoping to support his family?  Or, is it the “manly” physique the athletes exhibit which TV ads glamorize?  So sad. The unending barrage of ads and even social media pressure us to conform to some hyped image of the “perfect” man, or “perfect” woman when, by God’s definition, we are ALL perfect as we are.  So, maybe football’s allure is that the “everyday” man  dreams of the fame, glory and MONEY that these athletes have?  Unfortunately, like Walter Mitty, attaining perfection is an unrealistic dream.

The worship of football has invaded every aspect of our lives to the detriment, I think, of healthy relationships and even encouraged neurotic behaviour.  After all, jumping up and down half naked in a freezing stadium can only be regarded as abnormal.  That obsessive fascination with sports encourages us to act as if that sport is a reason for living.  But, it isn’t. For most of us, sports should be an entertainment.  Sports should mean a round of golf or maybe that sand volleyball game at your local pub.  But, never let professional sports, grown men and women playing a sport for MONEY, become  your obsession! Please remember, if they played it for “sport”, they would play it for nothing.  But, they don’t.

Maybe it would be better if NFL (National Football League) meant  “Not For Long” to you.  You, your family, your family dog, and maybe even your neighbor will appreciate your company.

So, even though it’s another football day, don’t let it make, or break, your day.  Watch the game, if you must.  Or…………….turn the tv off………go outside………….bike……………walk…………run……… to the neighbors………watch the sun set.  Do something….anything except letting professional sports rule your life.

Whatever you do, don’t rely upon some high paid player to be your raison-d’etre.  Life is too short.  YOU are too important to be relegated to a high-priced seat at the stadium or to be glued to the tv set on Sunday, Monday,Thursday….or, any day of the week.