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Who’s running America?

President Obama is back in Washington, D.C., after another lengthy, and expensive, vacation at Martha’s Vineyard.  While there, he golfed, biked, AND, according to his Press agent, was in full control of America’s foreign policy, the economy, global warming, and a myriad of other problems that face America today.  When complains were voiced about his not attending to America’s “business”, his toadies explained that Obama was fully informed on all issues, EVEN while he vacationed.

Hmmmmm.  Then, why did the White House say that Obama returned to D.C., in the middle of his vacation, to meet with his advisers so he could be fully informed?

And, AFTER these meetings, Obama returned to vacation.

AND, the world continued to devolve even further into chaos.

Illegal aliens continue to pour into this country, raping  our social welfare systems and schools and health facilities.

Illegal aliens with criminal pasts continue to prey upon unsuspecting Americans.

Putin continues to chip away at Ukrainian territory and hegemony.

Putin continues to finance Islamic radicals who are bent on destroying anyone or anything that disagrees with their world view.

China does a “fly by” of one of our military jets.

China continues to invade the seas of Japan.

ISIS beheads an American and posts the horrific death online.

Radical Islamists continue to destroy parts of Israel with rockets and kidnap Israelites via hidden tunnels.

A white policeman shoots a black youth, and riots and looting ensue.

AND, an American veteran remains jailed in Mexico with no help from our government.

Is it really honest to say that Obama is doing his job as President of the United States?  Or, is he a dillettante, playing at President while reaping the benefits of being President — golfing, flying hither and yon at taxpayer expense, campaigning for Democrats, fund-raisers for Democrats.

There are major conflicts and major challenges to American interests occurring daily, throughout the world.  Where is Obama?

It isn’t possible to fulfill the responsibilities of the Presidency if you play golf or vacation as much as Obama does.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day to golf, play, campaign, give fund-raising speeches, and hop scotch around the country, when you are President.  The Presidency is a serious and awesome responsibility for anyone.  It is NO place for someone, like Obama, who uses the office for personal pleasures while ignoring his Constitutional obligations.

It’s time to question his dedication to the Presidency and ask, “Who’s running America?”