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Another Democrat Give-away…..

President Carter gave away the Panama Canal.  Remember that canal?  It was paid for with American sweat, blood, tears……and, money.  A majority of Americans did NOT want the Panama Canal to be given away.

President Obama is giving away the Internet.  Remember the Internet?  It’s that tool that our American military developed and which has blossomed into a world-wide communication device.  The majority of Americans do NOT want the Internet given away.

No matter.  Both Democrat Presidents believe they know better than the American voter upon whose judgment  both said they trusted.  Oh, wait.  They only trusted the American voters’ judgment if that judgment agreed with theirs!

Give-away is the mantra of almost every Democrat politician. They buy votes with their give-aways.   The only clinker in the deal is that they ONLY give away what is not theirs.  And, they don’t believe they need to do what American citizens want.

Whether  the give-away includes a vital waterway such as the Panama Canal or a communication link which is vital to our national security and Constitutional rights, these Democrat politicians don’t care.  What they want is the International community to applaud their “generosity”.  Whether their decisions are good for America, they don’t care.  After all, their image in the world, their legacy, their status is all that matters to them.

The loss of Internet control is going to cost America in unforeseen ways.  After all, how can it be good for America to give something away that is intrinsically American.  Why would we allow another to be in charge of the Internet which is the only truly free communication device in the world.  No.  There is no justifiable reason to give up the Internet.

It is just another Democrat give-away!


Trump and Hillary

Considering the results of last night’s debate, I agree with Dennis Green who said,  “They are who we thought they were!”

Hillary was robotic, snotty, arrogant and…..willing to lie about her support for the “gold standard”, the TTP….and exemplified  everything else we thought she was.

Hillary memorized talking points so she could list items.  She obviously didn’t think up all these things on the spur of the moment.  Hillary never had to defend her record because Lester Holt ONLY asked pointed questions of Donald Trump.  And, Hillary was given extensive time for her answers whereas Holt interrupted Trump and even cut him off several times.

Although I have never liked Hillary because she  escaped accountability and prosecution for her many crimes, as did her husband, I tried to watch with an open mind.  Her performance at the debate did not convince me that Hillary has improved her character from the annoying, arrogant, supercilious, self-serving politician that she has always been.

Trump, on the other hand,  was smooth, polite, and a gentleman even while Hillary was obnoxiously insulting.  He treated Hillary with far more respect than she deserved.  She, at every turn, insulted and belittled him and his successful career as a businessman.  Lester Holt never challenged her facts, especially the “gold standard” remark she denied ever making.

Trump defended himself well despite Hillary’s non-stop attack with scurrilous and untrue comments.  She never had to defend herself because Holt never asked her anything pointed.

Character should be the most important determining factor on who is suited to be President.

If you consider the performance of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the only conclusion to be reached is that Hillary’s character is devious and not suited to the Presidency.  Donald Trump spoke truthfully and does have the skills and character to be President.

So, Trump and Hillary definitely are who we thought they were.  And, Trump is the best choice for President.

Is America “Bushed” ??????

As a strong  supporter of Bush 41 AND 43, I am appalled at the report that Bush 41 might choose to vote for Hillary over Donald Trump.   Even the hint of such a betrayal makes me wonder as Vince Lombardi famously said,  “What in the hell is going on out there?”

What is happening to these Republicans?  How can they say that Hillary, with all the scandals in her past, could EVER be superior to a President Trump,  a successful businessman?

In fact, how can any bonafide Republican vote for her in good conscience?

The answer is that they can’t.  Any Republican who supports her has to twist himself, or herself, into knots in an effort to justify their betrayal of the party that put them into office.  They claim that they don’t approve of Trump; but, can they honestly say that they approve of Hillary, with all her scandals?

I have been losing faith in the Bushes who treat Bill Clinton, a proven sexual pervert, like a son.  And, yet, they treat Trump, a man who has never smoked, drunk alcohol, nor used drugs, like a pariah.  They rode the Republican elephant into office and now, when we need them, where are they?  They pretend that their “sensibilities” are offended!  That is sheer arrogance and complete disregard for what is best for America.

Do they want our country to keep descending into chaos?  Do they truly believe that Hillary is capable of returning the country to safety after Obama’s disastrous 8 years? Trump has proven himself an adept businessman and a capable leader.  He is the candidate to return America to Greatness.

And, even if the Bushes don’t feel an obligation to vote for Trump, they should do it for the Republican party!  They owe a great deal to us Republicans who put both of them into the Presidency. And, because we Republicans put them into office, they owe the party’s nominee, Trump, their complete support. Enough with the pettiness and the pretense that they aren’t endorsing Trump because their vote is private!  That is hogwash.   Jeb, especially, needs to honor his pledge to support the party’s nominee. No ifs, ands, or buts, are acceptable.

So, is America “Bushed” or “Bushwhacked”?   Only time will tell.







Racist, xenophobic,…..basket of deplorables………….

Yup.  That’s us….the Trump supporters!

Well, at least that’s how Hillary describes us.  (

Hillary has always resorted to insults to protect herself and her political position.  And, in some cases, she has used even stronger measures.  Measures which are, in many cases, illegal.  Since turnabout is fair play, let me list a few adjectives that  describe Hillary.  Criminal springs to mind.  Other adjectives would include:  hateful, divisive, arrogant, selfish, bullying, unpleasant, grasping, unChristian, anti-American, and, racist!

She likes to talk about how America will be if she becomes President.  Unfortunately, with her propensity to divide people into those who agree with her and those who don’t, there is little likelihood that she can unite Americans.  With her tendency to use political office for her own personal gain (and Bill’s and Chelsea’s), there is NO chance that issues which affect America will ever be decided in favor of Americans.  With her scorn and uncontrolled anger for those who oppose her and her ideas, there will be many more IRS “interventions” and DOJ “exonerations” and State Department’s “losing” of important papers of state.

And, if her past history of dealing with international issues is any guide, ALL Americans will be less safe. Or worse, dead, like our heroes in Benghazi  who trusted Hillary.  Or, the innocents in Syria, or Iraq, or Libya, who thought they could help America and SHE would defend them.  All of them are buried somewhere.

Hillary has always liked to categorize people, like jars of jam.  This one is part of the “vast right wing conspiracy”.  That one is “racist”.  The other one might be “deplorable”.  What she forgets is that we are all Americans and Americans have the Constitutional right to disagree with her.  She forgets that we are all individuals with individual ideas and individual dreams.  Her dreams are not necessarily ours!

However, if she gets into office,  all dreams had better line up with hers because a disagreement is NOT going to be fairly decided.  Hillary will use every ounce of her power as President  to squelch those who oppose her and to help those who side with her ideas.  Then, the opposition will be hunted down with subpoenas, IRS audits, and every power of State which was supposed to protect American citizens.

If she is elected, be prepared to be called worse than “racist, senophobic………………basket of deplorables”.

Attacking the “Hill”……….

Hillary and Bill Clinton’s political campaigns have never truly been about improving America.  Their focus has always been on improving their own lot in life or their status among the world’s leaders.  To reach that goal, they have relied upon destroying their political opponents….or, in their terminology, the  enemy.  No matter who is the “enemy” — to most others, the opponent — , Hill and Bill count on voters believing that there is a conspiracy of some sort that is out to ruin the Clintons’ careers.  Those of us who oppose the Clintons have been called racists, bigots, sexists, the vast right wing conspiracy, intellectually challenged, and just plain too stupid to understand the grandeur of the Clintons’ vision for America.

Unfortunately, that vision usually includes a sizeable benefit for the Clintons.

Those of us old enough to have seen how avaricious the Clintons are do not need to be reminded of their blatant criminality even while serving in a variety of our political offices.  For those who are too young to remember, there is “Clinton Cash”, a very good recitation of how Clintons became so wealthy.

Attacking the Hill has always been presented as an attack on Women in general and NOT as an attack upon a political opponent’s unfitness for office.  So, if someone asks about Hillary’s use of an unsanctioned email server, that questioner becomes a sexist.  Or, if Congress asks to see the emails, they are part of the vast right wing conspiracy.  When Judicial Watch asked for documents that Hillary created while Secretary of State which belong to the American public,  she and her minions stalled, stalled, and stalled some more.  Finally, a court intervened and demanded that the emails be released.

When Dr. Drew questioned Hillary’s health, his program was cancelled.  Of course, the network claimed this had been “in the works” for a long time.  Sure it was.

When stories appear that are unflattering to Hillary, that network becomes a pariah and, unless forced to, no one from the Democrat’s camp nor Hillary will be interviewed by them.  Of course, that network is FOX.

With this type of history and histrionics coming from the Hill’s camp, most politicians are afraid to publicly criticize her, much less itemize her faults and criminal history.

That is why Donald Trump is the only politician who could run against her and succeed.  Although he, too, has been called names, subjected to vile distortion of his words and speeches, he alone has the guts to challenge her credentials, her health, and her unfitness to be President of the United States.

The media, Hillary’s attack dog,  likes to claim that Trump is unqualified, too.  But, he has run successful businesses all his life.  He is worth a LOT of money and, unlike the Clintons,  none of that came from “pay for play” while in office.  In fact, he has never held a political office, but has worked his entire life.

Compare that to Bill and Hill who essentially have been lotus eaters, always campaigning for the next office and always living off the fat of the land, i.e., the taxpayers’ dollar.

Time to end their parasitic dependence upon the taxpayers’ coffers.  Time to reveal the real Hillary and her predilection for her self aggrandizement policies.  It’s time to say no to Hillary and Bill who have always used  public office for personal gain.

In short, it’s time, long past time, to attack the Hill, and bring her back down to Earth!