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Racist, xenophobic,…..basket of deplorables………….

Yup.  That’s us….the Trump supporters!

Well, at least that’s how Hillary describes us.  (

Hillary has always resorted to insults to protect herself and her political position.  And, in some cases, she has used even stronger measures.  Measures which are, in many cases, illegal.  Since turnabout is fair play, let me list a few adjectives that  describe Hillary.  Criminal springs to mind.  Other adjectives would include:  hateful, divisive, arrogant, selfish, bullying, unpleasant, grasping, unChristian, anti-American, and, racist!

She likes to talk about how America will be if she becomes President.  Unfortunately, with her propensity to divide people into those who agree with her and those who don’t, there is little likelihood that she can unite Americans.  With her tendency to use political office for her own personal gain (and Bill’s and Chelsea’s), there is NO chance that issues which affect America will ever be decided in favor of Americans.  With her scorn and uncontrolled anger for those who oppose her and her ideas, there will be many more IRS “interventions” and DOJ “exonerations” and State Department’s “losing” of important papers of state.

And, if her past history of dealing with international issues is any guide, ALL Americans will be less safe. Or worse, dead, like our heroes in Benghazi  who trusted Hillary.  Or, the innocents in Syria, or Iraq, or Libya, who thought they could help America and SHE would defend them.  All of them are buried somewhere.

Hillary has always liked to categorize people, like jars of jam.  This one is part of the “vast right wing conspiracy”.  That one is “racist”.  The other one might be “deplorable”.  What she forgets is that we are all Americans and Americans have the Constitutional right to disagree with her.  She forgets that we are all individuals with individual ideas and individual dreams.  Her dreams are not necessarily ours!

However, if she gets into office,  all dreams had better line up with hers because a disagreement is NOT going to be fairly decided.  Hillary will use every ounce of her power as President  to squelch those who oppose her and to help those who side with her ideas.  Then, the opposition will be hunted down with subpoenas, IRS audits, and every power of State which was supposed to protect American citizens.

If she is elected, be prepared to be called worse than “racist, senophobic………………basket of deplorables”.