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Dog eat Dog World……..

President Obama thinks he is funny when he claims that pit bull dogs are tastier than hockey moms!  To me, there is nothing funny about eating dogs;  but, obviously, he is desperate to defuse his book’s admission that he ate dogs as a child in Africa. I don’t blame him for eating even dogs as a child because he was not responsible for his meals his family served him.

I DO blame him for thinking eating dogs  is a humorous topic in today’s world, though.   I DO blame him for his poor judgment. And, I DO blame him for what he said.

After all,  the Bible says that what defiles a person is not what goes INTO your mouth, but what comes out!

So, President Obama is not defiled by eating dogs while young.  However, he defiles himself, and the Presidency,  with his inappropriate, repugnant joke about eating dogs.

Politicians are known to use every tactic to be re-elected and Obama is a lifelong politician.  However, while politics might be a dog eat dog world, we expect a higher code of conduct from our President.

The reputation of our country is being ruined by Obama’s immature actions and comments.  He should be too busy trying to alleviate unemployment to have time for such foolish behaviour.  He should at least give the pretense of being a world leader and not just another schmuck on a talk show. So, I hope that the joke is on him in November.

We need to elect a President who actually cares about the country and not just having a good time at the taxpayers’ expense.  It’s time to get rid of this “joker” because all of us DO have a dog in this fight!

Who is this guy, Obama?

President Obama is supposedly a wildly intelligent man, well versed in the Constitution of the United States.  After all, he was a Professor of Constitutional Law.

However, in his latest attempt to be Ruler of the Universe,  he states that the Supreme Court has NO RIGHT to overturn Obamacare because they are unelected!

Not only is he obviously wrong, it shows he is willing to say anything or do anything, even if it divides our country, in order to stay in office.  When he was sworn into office, he promised to uphold the Constitution of the United States.  But, has he?  If actions speak louder than words, President Obama has done everything in his power to thwart the legitimate actions of the separate, but co-equal branches of Government.

He has forgotten the very framework of our country is founded on the concept that the Supreme Court is an equal, but independent body from the Presidency and the Congress.

He has forgotten that the Supreme Court justices are appointed by the President, confirmed by Congress, and stay in office for life.

He has forgotten that the sole purpose of the Supreme Court is to study the constitutionality of any and all laws.

His charge that the Supreme Court has no right to overturn ANY law is such a bare faced lie that you wonder how he can say it with a straight face.  Of course they can overturn anything Congress passes!  After all, that’s THEIR JOB!

My gosh, where has this guy been?  It’s almost as if he’s spent his entire Presidential term out on the golf course!