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Democrats are spoiled brats…….

NOT serious adults!

Some Democrats don’t like the results of the 2016 Presidential election.

Some Democrats don’t like President elect, Donald Trump.

Some Democrats don’t understand how a Democracy and the Electoral process work.


Some Democrats are shunning the Inauguration this Friday……………… Representative Lewis talks of “illegitimacy” and the oooooohhhhhh “RUSSIANS” and he will not attend the inauguration.

Some Democrats are shaming themselves with vitriol more suited to despots…………………  There are mutterings about  Trump being a pawn of the Russians!

Some Democrats are suggesting the big “I” word, impeachment…………………… Maxine Waters is threatening impeachment.

And, yet………..President elect Trump is just that — President elect, still a private citizen.

What is going on?

What is going on is the same, childish behaviour that Democrats in Wisconsin exhibited when Wisconsinites ushered in a new era of personal responsibility and financial integrity.  What did “our” Wisconsin Democrat representatives do when they didn’t like Governor Walker’s and the Legislatures’ reforms?  They hid somewhere in Illinois and wouldn’t come “home” because they hoped their absence would prevent the legislation from passing.

Eventually, they got tired of their hotel accommodations and did come home.  The legislation passed and Wisconsin is better off for it having passed.

Maybe the Democrats should take this lesson to heart.  Stop behaving like spoiled brats!  Stop  the childish name-calling and get over your failure to put a criminal into the White House!  At least pretend to be adult enough to serve in Congress.

If you don’t like legislation that President Trump forwards, don’t vote for it.  If you don’t like something a Conservative does, figure out a “better” plan.  And, for goodness sake, if you are opposed to an idea or person, DO NOT immediately claim that person or idea is racist.

Yes, your gravy train of people blindly following you for the handouts you “give”, thanks to someone ELSE paying the bills, might be over.

Yes, your influence will be much less, thanks to American voters finally seeing that your promises are not only empty, but impossibly costly.

Yes, America will be great again, thanks to Donald J. Trump!

So, if you truly love America and ALL Americans, start trying to behave constructively and STOP BEING SPOILED BRATS!