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Racism — alive and well in the United States’ Senate

The label of Racist is a damning one.  It is heard all too often in our country, especially by politicians.   And, almost unilaterally, it is Democrats depicting anyone, especially Conservatives, who refuse to vote for the Lieberal agenda by that hated name.  Why?  Because it is easier to call someone a racist than to argue the issues.

The latest example occurred when Senator Rockefeller, in an almost empty room, hurled that acrimonious label onto all those who oppose Obama-scare.  Rockefeller postulated that  there could be NO other reason to oppose Obama-scare than President Obama’s race.  Really?  Fortunately, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin WAS in the room and listed many justifiable and good reasons to continue to oppose Obama-scare.

Even so, when Senator Johnson finished his exposition of reasons, Senator Rockefeller once again restated his theory that opposition to Obama-scare MUST be racist!  I guess that Senator Rockefeller believes his claim of racism is “settled”,  just like President Obama claimed that the “science”  about climate warming is “settled”.   For Democrats, it’s no longer “just the facts, ma’am”.  No, it’s the Democrats’ way, or the highway…………and, damn the facts.

This is the problem in trying to reason with Lieberal ideologues.  They have their own theories and conclusions which do NOT need to be based in fact, nor even resemble facts.  You can reason with them.  You can explain…..over and over.  You can show them the proof of what you say.  No matter.  Even when the truth counters their viewpoint, they maintain that they are right and you are wrong.  Why?  Well, their fail safe explanation is that YOU MUST BE RACIST!

Of course,  a reasonable person might say that anyone who prejudges you is himself, or herself, racist.  Because, racism is NOT a color.  Racism is an idea… arrogant assumption that one person knows what another is thinking, even when the “knower” has no intimate knowledge of the other person.  So, Rockefeller assumes he knows why Senator Johnson opposes Obama-scare.  Even when Johnson patiently explained his logical reasons for opposing Obama-scare, Rockefeller maintained that he himself knew that Johnson’s opinions are racist, and NOT based in fact.

So, Senator Rockefeller.  I’ve heard you are retiring and that is a good thing.  It’s a good thing for you because the lieberal agenda you support has helped lead our country into near economic disaster.  It’s a good thing for you to escape before Americans understand that it is bureaucrats like you with your big government ideas that suffocate individuals.   It’s a good thing if you leave before your bigoted ideas hurt anyone else.

It’s a good thing for our country because maybe now, we can elect someone who will listen to the facts before rendering a decision.  And, maybe, just maybe, we can elect someone who understands that the mere fact of being part of the “loyal opposition”  does NOT make someone racist!

Your retirement, and the retirement of all who loosely throw “RACIST” around,  might just encourage us all to work together.   That would be a good day for all of us.   No,  excuse me.  The death of  the calumnious epithet of racism — and the realization that we are individuals with different thoughts, prayers, and goals…..yet, still good and loyal citizens  —  would be a GREAT DAY  for America.