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Let’s get rid of this blog too…

This was forwarded to me recently, and I’d just like to make a point about the comment below.

Karen Middlekauff, a UF law student and the president of Outlaw, an organization for College of Law LGBT students, said she believes that Tebow is still a representative of UF, and he has chosen to represent a viewpoint that shouldn’t be associated with the university.

“Focus on the Family is a very well-known group for speaking out against LGBT issues,” she said. “A lot of people know that.”

If that’s the case, then the organization of Outlaw should be crushed on campus, because I don’t think a University should be involved in that.

Sheesh, the double standard. That’s like saying the College Republicans should be shut down at Madison because they’re a LIEberal University, and the University should not be supporting those viewpoints. Stupid libs.

-Mr. Knowledge

Nuclear Power Plants

I’d like to touch on one part of Obama’s State of the Union speech, and this isn’t to rip on him. He talked about the need of more nuclear power plants for the future, but for some reason this has LIEberals up in arms. How could he not say wind, solar or other renewable energy? The simple fact is, using nuclear power would be a benefit over our current situation. It’s cleaner, so isn’t that an improvement? It can produce much more power and decrease our dependency on the oil and coal from overseas, isn’t that better?

I just don’t get LIEberals. You give’m an inch, they want a foot. You give’m a foot, they want a yard. They’re never satisfied with what you are doing, such as when I take paper bags from the grocery, they’d get mad and want me to bring my own bags. Sure, that or I should just carry the food home without any bag, saving more energy in the process.

You have to stand before you walk. When will they realize that sometimes things like nuclear power is a good thing over the alternative. I’m all for the development of solar and wind technology, but why waste money on something that doesn’t have all the flaws worked out? Why not build nuclear now, then with the money we save invest and develop other technologies?

-Mr. Knowledge

President Obama and Miss America

The only people cheering the President last night in his State of the Union address were Democrats.  And, they were desperately seeking to show a united front after the election debacle in Massachusetts.

The question is whether Obama actually said anything of value or was he just singing to the choir?

Unfortunately, like Miss America contestants who promise to work for Peace in the world and save the children, Obama has always been good at promises.  He promised a transparent administration and you can see where that went.  The Health Reform legislation was the most covert, prejudiced process the American public NEVER SAW!  He promised more jobs.  But, he intends to create those jobs by giving tax credits to small businesses and by reining in China’s imports.  How does he define small business and where is he going to find money to allow them a tax break? And,  China hasn’t paid any attention to Obama yet, so what makes Obama think that his strong words on Chinese imports is going to change the world of business?

The problem with someone like President Obama, who never lived in the real world of business, and even in politics is a novice, is that he thinks he can talk anyone or anything into submission with his glib tongue.  As in Copenhagen with the global warming issue, or when he tried to bring the Olympics to Chicago, NO ONE ELSE IS LISTENING TO HIM!  He has become little more than the left’s trained circus act — spouting the ritualistic mantra of the left and playing the role assigned him.  But, he has not accomplished anything in his first year other than to give foreign countries the confidence that they can supersede us on all issues while taking our money in foreign aid and stealing our technology and jobs.  Oh, yes, he has also spent trillions of future tax dollars to bail out industries that should have failed because they were not viable businesses.  And, unemployment under his guidance has risen to over 10% nationally with some areas in the 15% range.  And, this does not even count those who have given up looking for jobs!

President Obama has had more disastrous effects on America in one year than even President Carter did.  And, that’s saying something!

President Obama has trivialized the Presidency by bowing to foreign heads of state, thus  visually diminishing not only himself, but all of us.  In an attempt to curry favor of foreign countries, he insulted America while abroad.  We are the most generous nation in the world and many countries are intact today thanks to the sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears of Americans.  Yet, he ignores the good in our country in order to make political hay.  He has created fissures among Americans by his politically motivated class hatred and his hatred of all conservative thought, including religious freedoms.  He even feels he knows better than the Supreme Court on Constitutional issues!  This is a man too arrogant for his office.

What happened to the candidate who said he would unite Americans?

What happened to the candidate who promised to create jobs?

What happened to the candidate who promised transparency?

I’m afraid that, like Miss America contestants,  President Obama talks a good story;  but when it comes to actually implementing their grandiose ideas, they have no practical measures in mind.  So, let him sing to the choir of lefties and Democrats.  President Obama and Miss America are two figureheads who should stay in their ivory towers and let the real thinkers in America,  American citizens, choose their own paths under their own steam!

Putting words in Obama’s mouth…

Ho hum.  It’s another day, another tedious and scripted speech from President Obama.  For a man touted as near genius, isn’t it amazing that he cannot frame an answer without a teleprompter?

Can’t the man put two words together without help?  Apparently, he can’t.

It’s getting hot for Climate Warming Buffs!

Sometimes, a small lie snowballs into an avalanche and the theory of climate warming is a perfect example.  Despite a myriad of scientists disputing the theory, the media relied upon groups like the U.N. who are known to be politically driven.

Scientists who disagreed were suppressed, denigrated, and generally driven out of the conversation.  The multitude of mistakes in Al Gore’s movie were glossed over. The media raised  Michael Moore, the epitome of Hollywood arrogance and sheer ignorance, to expert status on global warming.   It was suggested that we common folk who questioned the theory based on our own experience and living conditions were either right wing nuts, or just too stupid to talk to!

Well, just like any avalanche that clears away debris, the flood of revelations about suppression of evidence, and the fact that the theory about the Himalayan glaciers melting was based on one man’s report — and this man has denied saying this — is clearing the landscape of global warming.  It ‘s going to be uncomfortable for those who refused to scientifically weigh the evidence.  Oh, yes, it’s getting hot for Climate Warming buffs!

The IPCC’s 2007 report, which won it the Nobel Peace Prize, said that the probability of Himalayan glaciers “disappearing by the year 2035 and perhaps sooner is very high”.

But it emerged last week that the forecast was based not on a consensus among climate change experts, but on a media interview with a single Indian glaciologist in 1999.

The IPCC admitted on Thursday that the prediction was “poorly substantiated” in the latest of a series of blows to the panel’s credibility.

Big Brother–our Congress and President

A commentator today explained why the Democrats are pushing forward with health care legislation, despite overwhelming disapproval by the American public.  Even in Massachusetts, a liberal state by anyone’s definition, 51-60% are adamantly against the Democrats’ proposals.

The legislation is so distasteful, expensive, costly, and ineffective, that even Democrats like Ben Nelson demanded a break from the onerous provisions of the bill.  He got it for his vote.  Mary Landrieu, too, was devious enough to sell her vote with 300 million reasons to vote in favor of the bill.  And, the other Senators undoubtedly got behind-the-scene benefits, too. And, then, the unions got their piece of the action by not having to pay the Cadillac tax on health premiums like the rest of us will have to.

The reason these Democrats are willing to sell their vote is not because they believe in the legislation’s benefits.  No, they are selling their vote to gain an advantage for their constituents so that these same constituents re-elect them.  How crass.  How corrupt.

And, why are they willing to risk the public’s wrath?  Today’s commentator says that Democrats understand that the American public does NOT want this health care legislation to pass.  But, guess what?  The Democrats think that the public can be talked into accepting the government running health care WHEN THE ENTITLEMENTS START.  As Juan Williams commented today,  “People love entitlements!”

Sure.  Everyone wants a free ride.  But, for some of us, we are tired of being the donkey carrying the entire load.  Let Big Brother, i.e., Obama, the Congress, and other free-loaders, step away from their plush jobs, enter the workforce like the rest of us, and, at least give the pretense of paying their own way.

Money well spent…

Here’s a simple question; if you could spend money to implement a new computer lab in a school, or spend money on iPod touch’s for teachers, which would you chose? The obvious answer would be the computers as they have a chance of being used by more students and to greater capacity. Of course, that’s not what’s going on here.

The amount of money wasted in education is downright ridiculous. I’m all for technology to be implemented everywhere and for all the opportunities in the world for education to be tied into technology. Without knowledge in technology and related areas, you have no chance of success in the real world. However, wanting technology doesn’t mean go nuts and buy everything that has the technology tag, such as iPods.

Another area of concern is the students with special needs. I’m not saying leave them behind, or that they shouldn’t get the same opportunities because that’s not right, but when the special education department gets more money and grants than the rest of the school even when they have a fraction of the student population, is complete waste of money. Sure, there’s a need for technology with the special needs kids, but when the teachers of special education get new laptops because of a grant from the state, that’s not for the students, that’s for the teachers.

One final note on the special education and other needs, is the notion that today we give everyone a second, third, and fourth chance. Some students who are expelled from school are allowed to return to school. If they are complete train-wrecks, they are allowed to attend an alternative school, where they sit around and get to play foosball all day.

Why did I ever behave myself, when I could have fooled around all day? Society has to take a stand on this foolishness.

Mr. Knowledge

Discrimination FOR unions —

Discrimination is not only when one ethnic group suppresses another.  Discrimination occurs whenever one group of American citizens receives a special advantage over another and, usually, the discriminated group ends up paying more for something .  The health care reform legislation is just the latest, although one of the most blatant, example of discrimination against Americans who have tried to provide for their families and employees.   Already, certain  “superior” Americans like Congress and the President will not even be part of the reform!  How unfair and unAmerican is that?

If it’s good enough for everyday Americans, then it should be good enough for Congress and the President!

However, EVERYONE who actually pays the bills for big government knew it was only a matter of time before Unions, like Congress and the President, would be exempt from paying for this pseudo health reform bill.  Well, now it is official.  Unions will NOT have to pay for their Cadillac plans.  WHY DO UNIONS GET A SPECIAL BREAK?  The only reason to exempt anyone is that they are a voting group and are worth more to the Democrats in election years than the rest of us….so,they buy their votes with OUR tax dollars.

Of course this means that we, the ordinary folk,  will be paying even more to support yet another PREFERRED  group of Americans!

Thanks, Obama and Congress.  You have successfully bought the Union’s vote by exempting them from the Cadillac health care tax provision.  Discrimination is alive and well in Obama’s and Congress’  sphere of influence!

Obama – Ambushing Bush Again!

Isn’t it pathetic that President Obama still feels a need to destroy the reputation of his predecessor, rather than to destroy terrorists?

Democrats, exemplified byObama, have become political, and opportunistic,  attack dogs.  Rather than listening to the American public who wants no part of health care reform or the cap and trade, Democrats are bullrushing the legislation through.  Rather than admitting that the stimulus has promoted neither  job growth nor a better economic environment in the U.S., they fudge numbers and talk about “saved” jobs.   They must really think we’re dumb.  The only job growth there’s been is in government with Obama’s coterie of czars!

President Bush kept us safe after 9/11.  There have been several terrorist disasters in just the first year of Obama’s reign.

If I could speak with President Obama for five minutes, I would tell him to stop blaming someone else when his own inexperience is to blame.  I would tell him to stop forcing HIS agenda on an unwilling American citizens.

But, he won’t listen.  He’s too busy ambushing Bush!