Nuclear Power Plants

I’d like to touch on one part of Obama’s State of the Union speech, and this isn’t to rip on him. He talked about the need of more nuclear power plants for the future, but for some reason this has LIEberals up in arms. How could he not say wind, solar or other renewable energy? The simple fact is, using nuclear power would be a benefit over our current situation. It’s cleaner, so isn’t that an improvement? It can produce much more power and decrease our dependency on the oil and coal from overseas, isn’t that better?

I just don’t get LIEberals. You give’m an inch, they want a foot. You give’m a foot, they want a yard. They’re never satisfied with what you are doing, such as when I take paper bags from the grocery, they’d get mad and want me to bring my own bags. Sure, that or I should just carry the food home without any bag, saving more energy in the process.

You have to stand before you walk. When will they realize that sometimes things like nuclear power is a good thing over the alternative. I’m all for the development of solar and wind technology, but why waste money on something that doesn’t have all the flaws worked out? Why not build nuclear now, then with the money we save invest and develop other technologies?

-Mr. Knowledge

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