President Obama and Miss America

The only people cheering the President last night in his State of the Union address were Democrats.  And, they were desperately seeking to show a united front after the election debacle in Massachusetts.

The question is whether Obama actually said anything of value or was he just singing to the choir?

Unfortunately, like Miss America contestants who promise to work for Peace in the world and save the children, Obama has always been good at promises.  He promised a transparent administration and you can see where that went.  The Health Reform legislation was the most covert, prejudiced process the American public NEVER SAW!  He promised more jobs.  But, he intends to create those jobs by giving tax credits to small businesses and by reining in China’s imports.  How does he define small business and where is he going to find money to allow them a tax break? And,  China hasn’t paid any attention to Obama yet, so what makes Obama think that his strong words on Chinese imports is going to change the world of business?

The problem with someone like President Obama, who never lived in the real world of business, and even in politics is a novice, is that he thinks he can talk anyone or anything into submission with his glib tongue.  As in Copenhagen with the global warming issue, or when he tried to bring the Olympics to Chicago, NO ONE ELSE IS LISTENING TO HIM!  He has become little more than the left’s trained circus act — spouting the ritualistic mantra of the left and playing the role assigned him.  But, he has not accomplished anything in his first year other than to give foreign countries the confidence that they can supersede us on all issues while taking our money in foreign aid and stealing our technology and jobs.  Oh, yes, he has also spent trillions of future tax dollars to bail out industries that should have failed because they were not viable businesses.  And, unemployment under his guidance has risen to over 10% nationally with some areas in the 15% range.  And, this does not even count those who have given up looking for jobs!

President Obama has had more disastrous effects on America in one year than even President Carter did.  And, that’s saying something!

President Obama has trivialized the Presidency by bowing to foreign heads of state, thus  visually diminishing not only himself, but all of us.  In an attempt to curry favor of foreign countries, he insulted America while abroad.  We are the most generous nation in the world and many countries are intact today thanks to the sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears of Americans.  Yet, he ignores the good in our country in order to make political hay.  He has created fissures among Americans by his politically motivated class hatred and his hatred of all conservative thought, including religious freedoms.  He even feels he knows better than the Supreme Court on Constitutional issues!  This is a man too arrogant for his office.

What happened to the candidate who said he would unite Americans?

What happened to the candidate who promised to create jobs?

What happened to the candidate who promised transparency?

I’m afraid that, like Miss America contestants,  President Obama talks a good story;  but when it comes to actually implementing their grandiose ideas, they have no practical measures in mind.  So, let him sing to the choir of lefties and Democrats.  President Obama and Miss America are two figureheads who should stay in their ivory towers and let the real thinkers in America,  American citizens, choose their own paths under their own steam!

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