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Forget what I said before………

Yesterday, I said that I had heard everything when the Brazilian president chided us for not paying for the homes of the poor in the proposed $700B buyout of Wall Street.

Well, I was wrong.  Today, I actually heard the biggest lie of them all when the vote failed in the House of Representatives and the Democrats blamed the Republicans!  Forget that the Democrats hold a majority and all they needed to pass the measure was a simple majority — that means ONE VOTE!  Pelosi, despite her vicious attack speech,  could not  convince even a majority of her fellow Democrats to vote for the bill!

The Democratic nominee was ready to blame the Republicans, too, despite the fact that all he did was play phone tag in pretending to help pass the measure and, in fact, campaigned all through the debacle.  Nor was he prepared to take a stand on the issue.  His message was that “something ” had to be done!  Well, what something?  What was his recommendation?  It is a sorry commentary of his actions that he was too busy playing politics to help forward a specific plan.

So, whether we needed that $700B expenditure or not, it is demonstrably false to blame the conservatives because the liberals — Democrats — hold the absolute majority.   This time, they can’t blame anyone but themselves!

Now I’ve heard everything!

Now, the Brazilian President is castigating us because the poor are not getting their homes paid for in the $700 billion bailout by Congress!

I am not in favor of the bailout because people. companies, and even foreign countries should understand that they, and they alone, are responsible for their own financial decisions.  They are the ones who must weigh the risks and decide how and when to invest. 

But, the people who are clamoring for free money also have to realize that any “free” money comes from taxes.  High taxes stunt corporate growth.  Poor corporate growth means poor dividends which are the lifeblood of many American pension plans. 

 It is also important to remember that if companies are taxed heavily, they cannot compete nor grow.  If they cannot compete, jobs are lost overseas to companies with NO health care plans and NO “care”  in any form for their employees….but, the labor is cheap because people are considered to be of no consequence.  

If companies are taxed heavily, Americans lose their jobs AND their health care and pension benefits.  So, it is unreasonable for anyone to assume that our taxes should cover the cost of homes for the poor!

If the Brazilian president feels so strongly, let him put HIS country’s taxes to work paying for these homes.  Otherwise, mind your own business, sir.  I’ve not only heard everything, but I’ve heard more than enough!!

No quotable quotes?

Isn’t it amazing how the liberal press is attempting to create a Democratic winner in last night’s debate?  I’ve heard it said that Senator Obama made no gaffes, and thus won.  And, after all, Obama must win because there were no quotable quotes!

Well, I have a completely different reaction to last night’s debate. 

Senator McCain was engaging, decisive, humorous, informed, and obviously experienced enough to step right into the job of President.  He was gracious in remembering Senator Kennedy’s illness. He was mindful of the great sacrifice of our military. He was respectful of his opponent, always calling him Senator.  And, he corrected many obvious misstatements made by Senator Obama. 

Senator McCain showed himself ready, willing, and able to be President of the United States last night, as he has for many years in the past.

And, if you want a quotable quote, how about Senator McCain insisting he knows and loves our veterans and will protect them?  What about Senator McCain saying of his opponent:  “After all, it is pretty hard to reach across the aisle when you are so far left!”

Although quotable quote should not decide a winner, if that is the standard, then Senator McCain comes out the winner again!


Read This!

Not much to say, but I’d like to point out that this decrease could be the cause of global warming.  I mean, I don’t really need real hard data to prove it.  No, all I need to do is scare people into believing it’s the truth, and I can sit on my butt raking in millions of dollars on some cheesy movie I’ll make.

Mr. Knowledge

Perception is everything

I always laugh when someone tells me that by not voting for Senator Obama I am showing my racial bias.  He is black (well, half black) and I am white (well, a mixture of Scandinavian, English, French, German, and Menominee Indian).  No one seems to care that I originally liked Obama, but decided that his inexperience was far too great for the office of President.  And, as the campaign progressed, I see that he is not sticking to his promises and is trying to diminish past associations, if they hurt his campaign.   When I explain this, then I am told that I am responsible for all the problems that African Americans have encountered in America and must vote for Obama to even the score.  Actually, I wasn’t around when slavery was part of our social landscape.  And, my own grandparents experienced many hardships in coming to America from the Old Country with nothing except a small satchel of clothes!  Is someone going to recompense me for THEIR injuries?  I think not.

It is presumptuous for others to assume they know why any voter is choosing their favorite.  Blacks, we are told, are voting for the Democratic ticket because they want to see the black candidate win.  Isn’t that racist?

Women, we were told, came out in droves for Senator Clinton because they wanted to see a woman candidate win.  Isn’t that sexist?

Senator McCain has a proven record of sacrificing for the country — both in war and peace.  The complaint against him is that he is too old!  Isn’t that age discrimination?

Governor Palin has more executive experience than Senator Obama.  The complaint against her is that she is not only a woman, but a woman who is putting her career ahead of her family.  Isn’t that blatant discrimination?

I am voting for McCain/Palin.  My vote has nothing whatsoever to do with race, age, or gender.  It is based on my belief that they have the experience, good judgment, and even good character to run our country fairly and squarely.

Promises, promises.

In the beginning of Senator Obama’s  campaign, he promised to never campaign negatively.  In the beginning, he promised to take public financing for his campaign.  In the beginning, he promised to converse honestly with the American people (leave the teleprompter home).  In the beginning, he was the golden boy for the media.

How many promises has he kept? 

Well, he’s still the fair-haired boy to 90% of the media!


Senator Obama has had a wide variety of past associations that he now renounces.  He has had no foreign policy experience, except the adulation of Europeans and the fawning subservience of some foreign leaders who see him as an easy mark for foreign aid.  He doesn’t answer questions from off the script well.  He has changed his own self-proclaimed philosophical theories such as the value of public financing when it suited him.  He pretends to be “one of us”, and yet is willing to discuss “us” with others as though we are second class citizens because we “cling to our guns”. 

Obama’s willingness to gossip about one group of Americans to the other is not a good quality.  Okay.  We “not-so-smart”  Midwesterners can handle the name calling.  But, today, we learn that Obama talked with foreign leaders, while abroad, and attempted to convince them to NOT work constructively with the United States on our troop levels!

This is the real Obama, steeped in the tradition of the Democratic party which will espouse one ideal and secretly work for their own benefit.  The Democrats are like a squeaky gate in the wind.  When the wind blows, they careen wildly about.  After the wind dies down, they choose the winning side and support it.  This is vintage Obama or Obamagate — don’t question your own party, vote with the herd, pretend to be an independent thinker, and throw mud at the opposition.  All this while proclaiming yourself “above” the political fray.

Senator McCain, however, is as steady as the gate post.  He has worked in many sessions of Congress with a single-minded purpose that often set him at odds with his fellow Republicans.  He has stood firm against his own party in many issues and has always stood shoulder to shoulder with our American military.

The question for voters is whether to vote for someone like McCain who has always been on the side of America, including the American soldiers, or whether to vote for someone who has no experience in much of anything. 

Who best serves America — the steady McCain whom we know from years in the Senate and for his war time heroism — or the Democrat who has yet to show us his credentials?

Ladies, women, girls……….

Dear Ladies, women, and girls,

Have you noticed that the harshest, most hateful, most demeaning critiques of Governor Palin are coming from women?  Why is that?

The Democrats are seriously worried about Governor Palin’s appeal to women of all generations, and economic stature.   They are afraid that women might choose another woman, just because she is a woman!  Of course, when Geraldine Ferraro ran for VP, the Democrats found it liberating to have a woman on the ticket.  Well, now the Republican VP candidate is a woman and they are doing their best to reduce her to less than the well-qualified candidate that she is.

Anyway, what is wrong with the gender of a candidate being a consideration?  After all, it is uniformly agreed that one of Senator Obama’s main appeals is that he is black — well half black, although he never admits to the white half.

If it is not racist to choose a candidate based on his ethnicity, then it is not sexist to choose a woman, based on her gender.

So, ladies, go ahead and support Governor Palin.  Her election would be a boon for all our daughters and grand-daughters who will then understand that a woman truly can do anything she sets her mind to!

Why vote for McCain/Palin?

Why vote for Senator McCain and Governor Palin?

1 – Europeans favor the Democratic nominee!

2 – Gordon Brown, British Prime Minister, has come out in favor of the Democratic nominee.

If the Europeans are against McCain, it is because they know McCain will not give away America’s sovereign rights just to appease Europe!  McCain believes that  America is first, foremost, and always his first responsibility.  Europe wants a United States that they can control.  After all, Europe has a love/hate relationship with us.  They love us when we do what they want and say!  They hate us when they realize we are more generous or powerful than they are.

The best recommendation yet to vote for Senator McCain and Governor Palin is that Europe doesn’t want the Republicans to succeed!


Read This!

This is obvious.  50 years ago there wasn’t as much sprawl as there is now.  So naturally, the odds of an area getting hit hard is increased.

New Orleans is the perfect example.  We were just so lucky that for so many years nothing hit them too directly.  The second it does, they cry and cry to everyone.  But, it gets better.  They REBUILD there.

Mr. Knowledge