Senator Obama has had a wide variety of past associations that he now renounces.  He has had no foreign policy experience, except the adulation of Europeans and the fawning subservience of some foreign leaders who see him as an easy mark for foreign aid.  He doesn’t answer questions from off the script well.  He has changed his own self-proclaimed philosophical theories such as the value of public financing when it suited him.  He pretends to be “one of us”, and yet is willing to discuss “us” with others as though we are second class citizens because we “cling to our guns”. 

Obama’s willingness to gossip about one group of Americans to the other is not a good quality.  Okay.  We “not-so-smart”  Midwesterners can handle the name calling.  But, today, we learn that Obama talked with foreign leaders, while abroad, and attempted to convince them to NOT work constructively with the United States on our troop levels!

This is the real Obama, steeped in the tradition of the Democratic party which will espouse one ideal and secretly work for their own benefit.  The Democrats are like a squeaky gate in the wind.  When the wind blows, they careen wildly about.  After the wind dies down, they choose the winning side and support it.  This is vintage Obama or Obamagate — don’t question your own party, vote with the herd, pretend to be an independent thinker, and throw mud at the opposition.  All this while proclaiming yourself “above” the political fray.

Senator McCain, however, is as steady as the gate post.  He has worked in many sessions of Congress with a single-minded purpose that often set him at odds with his fellow Republicans.  He has stood firm against his own party in many issues and has always stood shoulder to shoulder with our American military.

The question for voters is whether to vote for someone like McCain who has always been on the side of America, including the American soldiers, or whether to vote for someone who has no experience in much of anything. 

Who best serves America — the steady McCain whom we know from years in the Senate and for his war time heroism — or the Democrat who has yet to show us his credentials?

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