Politicians and Babies

Usually, babies and politicians mix quite well.  After all, who wouldn’t love a politician who loves (and usually kisses) every baby they meet?

The Democrats kiss as many babies as the Republicans, and you would think they love babies as much as anyone else….but, they are against babies in certain instances.  For example, Senator Obama feels no need to protect babies who survive an abortion!  It’s above his pay grade, he says.  And, most of the hierarchy in the Democratic party dismiss any baby not yet born as expendable.  After all, it’s a choice for the mother to make whether the baby gets to vote or not!

In the case of Governor Palin’s daughter who is expecting a baby, the Democrats again are using a baby as a politically useful tool, rather than as a human being.  Rather than congratulate the parents and grandparents, they hope to use the pregnancy to further their own agenda.  How sick.

It is a paradox that Democrats proclaim their love for humanity and yet are willing to arbitrarily kill the most vulnerable of human beings!  They fight vigorously to save a death-row inmate and yet don’t care when a baby is carved out of the womb.  So, when you see a politician kissing babies, just remember that only Republicans believe that EVERY baby is kissable and deserves a chance at the American dream. 

If the Democrats succeed to the White House, all babies in the womb are at risk because Democrats do not protect those up and coming citizens.  For the unborn, Democrats are the kiss of death!

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