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Law of the Jungle

Do any of you remember the Reagan ad about “some say there is a bear in the woods” ?  Well, the Russian bear was tamed by Reagan, but there are other, more vicious, animals prowling our world today…especially in the land of politics. 

You see their teeth when someone criticises Senator Obama.  If he can’t formulate a logical response to the criticism, one of his surrogates immediately jumps on the critic with cries of  “racist” .  Or, if that fails, there are threats of legal prosecution.  This is what happened to Mr. Kurtz who has studied Obama’s relationship with Mr. Ayers, a man who advocated terroristic tactics to change U.S. governmental policies during the VietNam war.  But, that association doesn’t fit the image that Obama and the Democrats want the American public to see, so they are threatening WGN, a radio station that wanted to hear what Mr. Kurtz has to say.

Maybe you didn’t think that the big, bad Wolf– in the guise of a “new” politician –has teeth, but he is baring them now.  And, if we don’t protest, he will keep on intimidating anyone who disagrees with him.  Oh, yes, the wolves began circling their prey when the University with Mr. Obama’s “records” shut their files to the public.  And, now, the wolves have begun howling at WGN, a Chicago station where Mr. Kurtz is to speak. 

Better bar your door and keep quiet about Mr. Obama because, if you say anything he doesn’t like, he will huff and puff and blow your house down.  That is the new law of the jungle, or as they say in Washington, politics!

Muchas Gracias… Har-har

Read This!

Ahh… this will cause a shit storm, but I love it.  From what I see, there is no real issue here.  The LPGA wants to set a standard in their league and decided upon English because they are American.

I don’t understand why this is a huge issue ever.  Americans have bent over backwards to accept every culture even though the LIEberals would have you think otherwise.  But, to be a civilized society we should have standards, and one of those is a standard language to follow.  Oh, Mr. Knowledge, these accepting countries like France and Germany probably have other languages.  Wrong.  They both have official languages, and if you can’t decipher what they are let me help you.  Germany speaks German, and France speaks “Surrender”… er, French.

I’ve figured out why stories like this make headway, and it’s because America is held to the highest standard, which is good and bad.  People say we’re tough on immigrants from the south, when Mexico kills, rapes and tortures their own immigrants from the south.  We want one official language and we’re seen as racist and discriminatory when almost every country has their one official language.

Mr. Knowledge

Same old, same old

Senator Obama promised change from the “old” politics, then he chose Senator Biden for VP!  

Senator Biden is an established Washington veteran. His character is questionable, too, because he has had problems with his comments about Native Americans and even Obama himself.  And, remember, Biden is the guy who plagarized the good parts of speeches by others without giving them credit.

So, where is the new image that Obama promised?  Hmmm.  Sounds to me like Senator Obama is more Washington, D.C., than like us.  Same old, same old.

Comical AND Scary

“The UN, despite its flaws, has done more good in the world in the last 30 years than the US has done in 100.” – Some ungrateful moron.

Trebek – For 500, the answer is, The United States Of America.

Mr. Knowledge – Bing.  I’d like to answer.  Is it…. Who removed Hitler, Mussolini and is the biggest money contributor to the UN?

Trebek : That is correct.

When the UN needs aide to foreign countries, who pays?  The US.  Then we’re supposed to take it and smile while countries like France receive kickbacks.  Why do you think the white-flag waving French didn’t want to liberate Iraq?  Weird, I guess when your pockets are getting filled with money you’d like to keep that going.  The UN is the most corrupt organization in the world.

Mr. Knowledge.

Does the truth matter to Senator Obama?

Pro Life groups are saying that Senator Obama, while an Illinois representative,  voted NOT to save the poor babies who survive an abortion.   His reply is that the ProLife groups are lying and that he would have voted for the measure if it duplicated the Federal law which later passed the US Senate by a 98-0 margin!

Unfortunately for Mr. Obama, Illinois public records show that he chaired the Illinois committee which endorsed duplicating the Federal law.  But, when that very bill came to a vote, he voted against it. He said, at that time, that passing such a bill would be a ban of abortion “rights”.  And, he bragged that he had worked closely with Abortion groups, especially  Planned Parenthood,  to fight the measure. 

So, Senator Obama is faced, yet again, with his unsavory past which shows his complete disinterest in protecting our most vulnerable citizens,  innocent babies who survive an abortion.  And, once again, because it serves his purposes now, he attempted to rewrite his own voting record.  Does the truth matter to Senator Obama? 

You be the judge!

Me, Myself and I

No, this is not a post about Senator Obama and his inflated ego, although I can see why you might think it is!  It is about his policies , though.  But, mostly, this is about me, myself and I because I own stock in America’s oil companies.  And, most likely,  this is about you and your future income because one way or the other, the success of America’s oil companies has a huge impact on you, your family, and your living standard.

Senator Obama wants to tax American oil companies because they are earning too much money!  He doesn’t seem to realize that in America, earning money, even lots of it, is not a sin.  He fails to realize  that many Americans have their personal income and their pensions invested in the oil companies, whether through personal stock or mutual funds.  He fails to understand that a thriving oil industry provides jobs and necessary energy that keep our country and economy running well.

It is a simplistic notion that, if you need money for the federal government, you raise taxes and  corporations are an easy target.  However, if you tax the oil companies and they earn less, guess what happens to your dividend?  Guess what happens to your pension if dividends go down?  Guess what happens to industry jobs and the price of fuel?   Even a grade schooler realizes that if a company pays too many taxes, and doesn’t thrive, many other people suffer.  The only ones who don’t “get” this concept are Obama and the Democratic party.

So, if you want your dividends to keep coming, do NOT vote for Senator Obama.

If you want your pension to keep growing and be available when you retire, do NOT vote for Senator Obama and his high taxing ways.

If you want industry jobs to continue, do NOT vote for Senator Obama.

Americans are the most generous people and nation in the world.  But, maybe a little consideration of what is good for “me, myself and I” would be a valuable exercise for all of us.  And, what is good for us is a strong, dynamic oil industry which provides income for us as individuals and also is a valuable asset in our pension planning.

Fix This, You Warmongers

Read This!

The story itself is a travesty.  I can’t imagine living in a culture where that could be seen as possibly ‘right’.  I’m not here to argue the story, but the reactions.

LIEberals get in a hissy-fit when stories like this come out or even the situation in Darfur.  They want the US to do something about the deplorable situations in these countries. If we don’t do anything, we are ridiculed from all sides.  If we do go in, our president gets called a Cowboy and warmonger.  Attention rest of the world, and our beloved LIEberals.  Kiss our collective butts.

You want us to go in to fix situations like Darfur where people are being slaughtered, then turncoat and blast what we are doing two years later if it doesn’t work out?  See, this is why you can never put your trust in LIEberals.  Sure public opinion is very important for re-election, but if you truly believe in something, stick with it.  Bush believed in Iraq, and while opinion was low in 2004, he still won re-election.

What if Bush would go into Darfur and in three years and thousands of American lives are lost.  The LIEberals would be all over him, saying it was the worst move the president could have done.  But, three years prior they were berating him for not doing anything.  They back him when we go in because it’s the popular opinion.  If things turn out good, they will sit there all smug, saying I told you so.  If it somehow doesn’t turn out perfectly they will change their opinion, and come up with conspiracy theories and that they were duped into believing it was a good move.

Mr. Knowledge

Cold War Redoux

Read This!

This is exactly why we can’t have Obama win the presidency.  He will completely undermine American power in the world, and let Russia bully smaller countries at will.  I’m not saying we need to go all out here, but if Russia wants another pissing match, I think we’re game.

As Ronald Reagan said, no wars have been fought because America has been too powerful.  And no matter what the LIEberal media or your LIEberal congressmen, or women, will say, we still are powerful.  They would have you believe that we have a sagging economy, and that we are in recession.  These bozo’s don’t even know the definition of recession, which, if used here, does not apply.  We are NOT in recession.

No matter your political views, the Presidency as a symbol, is America.  You don’t tear down your own symbol so vigorously the way LIEberals have.  They have made a mockery of the man and the Presidency.  They have worked harder at tearing down America and what we stand for, than any foreign country has.  They should be disgusted, but their lack of moral standing only has them looking smug and with a look of accomplishment.  The only thing they’ve accomplished is confirming my lack of trust and respect for them.

Mr. Knowledge

Energy Policies

Obama says that inflating our tires will help America get better gas mileage.  While true, the kicker to me is how everyone is saying this is insightful.  This is how bad the press and LIEberals have gotten in this country.  The fact that they are so blind and only want their man to win no matter the cost, is comical.  Inflating tires is part of an energy plan?  That’s a real zinger of a plan, Obama.

How about actually having a plan Obama.  All you do is talk eloquently about nothing.  I’m not the most informed person when it comes to the candidates positions, but I can tell you that I have absolutely no idea what Obama’s REAL plans are, because he has none.

Sure, I can go out there and blow smoke up everyone’s arse that we should try to use wind and solar power, but I also realize we don’t have the infrastructure built up for that yet.  Had the LIEberals not scared America in the past about nuclear power, we could be less dependent on coal and oil today.  Once we are less dependent we can look into other areas such as wind and solar.  That’s what LIEberals don’t want you to believe.  They want to scare, and use any tactic to make you listen to them jabber.

For example.  The new Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid gets around 20+ mpg.  A small increase over the standard one that gets only 15-17, but none the less, it’s still an improvement.  Instead of praising this, LIEberals are all up in a tizzy because 20 is still not as much as they’d like.

I want to mention though, that I have no problem with people wanting to go green.  Hell, Mr. Knowledge even optioned his energy bill to be 100% renewable energy.  I just wish instead of scare tactics, the LIEberals used encouraging tactics.  Don’t tear down people who buy the hybrid Tahoe, but rather praise them that they are willing to make an effort.

Mr. Knowedge


Have you noticed how Senator Obama’s speeches are carried, live, on almost every channel?  And, that the same channels do not carry Senator McCain’s speeches or public appearances?  Why is that?

It must be because Obama is constantly changing positions on issues and the press is trying to keep up with his new policy statements.  With McCain, you know where he stands on issues and WHY he espouses any given policy.

Either that, or it is the liberal bias of almost all the media who hope to sway the election from a genuinely experienced candidate, Senator McCain, to that of their personal favorite, Senator Obama.