Comical AND Scary

“The UN, despite its flaws, has done more good in the world in the last 30 years than the US has done in 100.” – Some ungrateful moron.

Trebek – For 500, the answer is, The United States Of America.

Mr. Knowledge – Bing.  I’d like to answer.  Is it…. Who removed Hitler, Mussolini and is the biggest money contributor to the UN?

Trebek : That is correct.

When the UN needs aide to foreign countries, who pays?  The US.  Then we’re supposed to take it and smile while countries like France receive kickbacks.  Why do you think the white-flag waving French didn’t want to liberate Iraq?  Weird, I guess when your pockets are getting filled with money you’d like to keep that going.  The UN is the most corrupt organization in the world.

Mr. Knowledge.

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