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Obama says that inflating our tires will help America get better gas mileage.  While true, the kicker to me is how everyone is saying this is insightful.  This is how bad the press and LIEberals have gotten in this country.  The fact that they are so blind and only want their man to win no matter the cost, is comical.  Inflating tires is part of an energy plan?  That’s a real zinger of a plan, Obama.

How about actually having a plan Obama.  All you do is talk eloquently about nothing.  I’m not the most informed person when it comes to the candidates positions, but I can tell you that I have absolutely no idea what Obama’s REAL plans are, because he has none.

Sure, I can go out there and blow smoke up everyone’s arse that we should try to use wind and solar power, but I also realize we don’t have the infrastructure built up for that yet.  Had the LIEberals not scared America in the past about nuclear power, we could be less dependent on coal and oil today.  Once we are less dependent we can look into other areas such as wind and solar.  That’s what LIEberals don’t want you to believe.  They want to scare, and use any tactic to make you listen to them jabber.

For example.  The new Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid gets around 20+ mpg.  A small increase over the standard one that gets only 15-17, but none the less, it’s still an improvement.  Instead of praising this, LIEberals are all up in a tizzy because 20 is still not as much as they’d like.

I want to mention though, that I have no problem with people wanting to go green.  Hell, Mr. Knowledge even optioned his energy bill to be 100% renewable energy.  I just wish instead of scare tactics, the LIEberals used encouraging tactics.  Don’t tear down people who buy the hybrid Tahoe, but rather praise them that they are willing to make an effort.

Mr. Knowedge

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