Cold War Redoux

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This is exactly why we can’t have Obama win the presidency.  He will completely undermine American power in the world, and let Russia bully smaller countries at will.  I’m not saying we need to go all out here, but if Russia wants another pissing match, I think we’re game.

As Ronald Reagan said, no wars have been fought because America has been too powerful.  And no matter what the LIEberal media or your LIEberal congressmen, or women, will say, we still are powerful.  They would have you believe that we have a sagging economy, and that we are in recession.  These bozo’s don’t even know the definition of recession, which, if used here, does not apply.  We are NOT in recession.

No matter your political views, the Presidency as a symbol, is America.  You don’t tear down your own symbol so vigorously the way LIEberals have.  They have made a mockery of the man and the Presidency.  They have worked harder at tearing down America and what we stand for, than any foreign country has.  They should be disgusted, but their lack of moral standing only has them looking smug and with a look of accomplishment.  The only thing they’ve accomplished is confirming my lack of trust and respect for them.

Mr. Knowledge

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