Me, Myself and I

No, this is not a post about Senator Obama and his inflated ego, although I can see why you might think it is!  It is about his policies , though.  But, mostly, this is about me, myself and I because I own stock in America’s oil companies.  And, most likely,  this is about you and your future income because one way or the other, the success of America’s oil companies has a huge impact on you, your family, and your living standard.

Senator Obama wants to tax American oil companies because they are earning too much money!  He doesn’t seem to realize that in America, earning money, even lots of it, is not a sin.  He fails to realize  that many Americans have their personal income and their pensions invested in the oil companies, whether through personal stock or mutual funds.  He fails to understand that a thriving oil industry provides jobs and necessary energy that keep our country and economy running well.

It is a simplistic notion that, if you need money for the federal government, you raise taxes and  corporations are an easy target.  However, if you tax the oil companies and they earn less, guess what happens to your dividend?  Guess what happens to your pension if dividends go down?  Guess what happens to industry jobs and the price of fuel?   Even a grade schooler realizes that if a company pays too many taxes, and doesn’t thrive, many other people suffer.  The only ones who don’t “get” this concept are Obama and the Democratic party.

So, if you want your dividends to keep coming, do NOT vote for Senator Obama.

If you want your pension to keep growing and be available when you retire, do NOT vote for Senator Obama and his high taxing ways.

If you want industry jobs to continue, do NOT vote for Senator Obama.

Americans are the most generous people and nation in the world.  But, maybe a little consideration of what is good for “me, myself and I” would be a valuable exercise for all of us.  And, what is good for us is a strong, dynamic oil industry which provides income for us as individuals and also is a valuable asset in our pension planning.

One thought on “Me, Myself and I

  1. mrknowledge

    Agreed. There are also MANY more drivers today than there were 10 years ago, which means, more gas is being bought.

    And, lo-and-behold, you start taxing them a few more percent, and they’ll just raise the price per gallon. So you and I will still pay the same amount in the end, but Obama will be fighting big oil, and receive blind praise for it.

    A slap in the face of any knowledgeable American.


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