Does the truth matter to Senator Obama?

Pro Life groups are saying that Senator Obama, while an Illinois representative,  voted NOT to save the poor babies who survive an abortion.   His reply is that the ProLife groups are lying and that he would have voted for the measure if it duplicated the Federal law which later passed the US Senate by a 98-0 margin!

Unfortunately for Mr. Obama, Illinois public records show that he chaired the Illinois committee which endorsed duplicating the Federal law.  But, when that very bill came to a vote, he voted against it. He said, at that time, that passing such a bill would be a ban of abortion “rights”.  And, he bragged that he had worked closely with Abortion groups, especially  Planned Parenthood,  to fight the measure. 

So, Senator Obama is faced, yet again, with his unsavory past which shows his complete disinterest in protecting our most vulnerable citizens,  innocent babies who survive an abortion.  And, once again, because it serves his purposes now, he attempted to rewrite his own voting record.  Does the truth matter to Senator Obama? 

You be the judge!

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