Fix This, You Warmongers

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The story itself is a travesty.  I can’t imagine living in a culture where that could be seen as possibly ‘right’.  I’m not here to argue the story, but the reactions.

LIEberals get in a hissy-fit when stories like this come out or even the situation in Darfur.  They want the US to do something about the deplorable situations in these countries. If we don’t do anything, we are ridiculed from all sides.  If we do go in, our president gets called a Cowboy and warmonger.  Attention rest of the world, and our beloved LIEberals.  Kiss our collective butts.

You want us to go in to fix situations like Darfur where people are being slaughtered, then turncoat and blast what we are doing two years later if it doesn’t work out?  See, this is why you can never put your trust in LIEberals.  Sure public opinion is very important for re-election, but if you truly believe in something, stick with it.  Bush believed in Iraq, and while opinion was low in 2004, he still won re-election.

What if Bush would go into Darfur and in three years and thousands of American lives are lost.  The LIEberals would be all over him, saying it was the worst move the president could have done.  But, three years prior they were berating him for not doing anything.  They back him when we go in because it’s the popular opinion.  If things turn out good, they will sit there all smug, saying I told you so.  If it somehow doesn’t turn out perfectly they will change their opinion, and come up with conspiracy theories and that they were duped into believing it was a good move.

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