Law of the Jungle

Do any of you remember the Reagan ad about “some say there is a bear in the woods” ?  Well, the Russian bear was tamed by Reagan, but there are other, more vicious, animals prowling our world today…especially in the land of politics. 

You see their teeth when someone criticises Senator Obama.  If he can’t formulate a logical response to the criticism, one of his surrogates immediately jumps on the critic with cries of  “racist” .  Or, if that fails, there are threats of legal prosecution.  This is what happened to Mr. Kurtz who has studied Obama’s relationship with Mr. Ayers, a man who advocated terroristic tactics to change U.S. governmental policies during the VietNam war.  But, that association doesn’t fit the image that Obama and the Democrats want the American public to see, so they are threatening WGN, a radio station that wanted to hear what Mr. Kurtz has to say.

Maybe you didn’t think that the big, bad Wolf– in the guise of a “new” politician –has teeth, but he is baring them now.  And, if we don’t protest, he will keep on intimidating anyone who disagrees with him.  Oh, yes, the wolves began circling their prey when the University with Mr. Obama’s “records” shut their files to the public.  And, now, the wolves have begun howling at WGN, a Chicago station where Mr. Kurtz is to speak. 

Better bar your door and keep quiet about Mr. Obama because, if you say anything he doesn’t like, he will huff and puff and blow your house down.  That is the new law of the jungle, or as they say in Washington, politics!

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