CNN just doesn’t get it!

The big story on CNN tonight was not the RNC convention but  that Senator McCain refused an interview with Larry King after a reporter, Campbell, closely questioned Sarah Palin’s credentials.  The reporters pretended to not understand the backlash from the McCain camp.

The problem is not that Governor Palin’s credentials were being questioned.  As head of the Alaskan National Guard, she has as much experience as any other governor, including the Democrats’ favorite, President Clinton, had when he ran for President!  She certainly has more executive experience than either Obama or Biden. 

No, the problem was that these same questions were NEVER ASKED of Senator Obama who is the head of the Democratic ticket! 

If CNN wants to be truly apolitical, why don’t they challenge Obama’s credentials?  Why?  Because they know that, after serving a mere 182 days in the Senate (and who knows if he made all those sessions),  he has NO QUALIFICATIONS to be President.

CNN just doesn’t get it!

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