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Ahh… this will cause a shit storm, but I love it.  From what I see, there is no real issue here.  The LPGA wants to set a standard in their league and decided upon English because they are American.

I don’t understand why this is a huge issue ever.  Americans have bent over backwards to accept every culture even though the LIEberals would have you think otherwise.  But, to be a civilized society we should have standards, and one of those is a standard language to follow.  Oh, Mr. Knowledge, these accepting countries like France and Germany probably have other languages.  Wrong.  They both have official languages, and if you can’t decipher what they are let me help you.  Germany speaks German, and France speaks “Surrender”… er, French.

I’ve figured out why stories like this make headway, and it’s because America is held to the highest standard, which is good and bad.  People say we’re tough on immigrants from the south, when Mexico kills, rapes and tortures their own immigrants from the south.  We want one official language and we’re seen as racist and discriminatory when almost every country has their one official language.

Mr. Knowledge

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