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Undemocratic Democrats!

Although Americans are adamantly AGAINST the current health legislation, Democrats are determined to ram it through by hook or by crook!

Although the bill is not even in its final, written version, Democrats want to vote on it.  Although the American public is disgusted with Democrats’ wheelings and dealings, President Obama is trying to intimidate dissenters into voting for it.   Although representatives were supposed to represent the American public’s wishes and best interests, Democrats continue spreading lies about how the legislation would work and smearing those who disagree and completely disregarding the protestations of a majority of Americans.  It is such a bad piece of legislation that Democrats are scurrying for ways to avoid voting on the actual bill, yet passing it on to the president.  This has been Chicago style politics from the beginning and it looks as though it will be dirty, double-dealing, criminal, and unconstitutional,  to the end.

Democrats had better reconsider.

Are they Americans first, or Democrats first?

If they’re Americans first, then they must follow the people’s wishes, i.e., vote AGAINST  THE HEALTH LEGISLATION THAT PELOSI, REID, AND PRESIDENT OBAMA ARE PUSHING.

If they’re Democrats first, then, like sheep, they will do as Pelosi  and Obama want them to do, even if they must subvert our Constitution.

A “no” vote will be difficult, but would prove that our Representatives truly are representative of the American public.  A “yes” vote will confirm that dirty politics with all its sweetheart deals and closed door arm twisting is the new motif of the Democrats’ party.  If the legislation passes, Democrats will be labeled as undemocratic….a title they will deserve!

So, are Democrats Americans first or Democrats first?  We’ll know the answer soon.

Blame Bush

I’m blaming Bush for his partisanship policies and his unwillingness to reach across to LIEberals. This is so ridiculous I’m at a loss for words. Imagine the outrage if this was flipped and this was the Republicans in congress trying to pass this w/out a vote.

– Mr. Knowledge

The epitome of arrogance….

So, now Pelosia is using the old Clinton dodge of “what is the meaning of ‘is’ ?”.  Remember when he hung his defense upon “the meaning of ‘is’?” .   His obfuscation of his testimony was only the beginning for Democrats.  Now, Pelosi is reaching out to redefine bi-partisanship for her own, political advancement….and, that of President Obama.

So, with the “new” definition of bi-partisanship,  Democrats claim they do not need Republican votes to make the reconciliation be bi-partisan.  After all, Pelosi claims that conservatives had their chance……….to talk!  Of course, Democrats didn’t accept anything that the conservatives were talking about, but, hey, they had “their chance”.  Thus, the bill becomes bi-partisan without the need for anything except Democrats’ votes.

Pelosi: GOP has had its day; confident Dems can come together

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Sunday that Republicans have left their mark on the healthcare bill and should accept that the bill will go forward.

“They’ve had plenty of opportunity to make their voices heard,” she said on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday morning. “Bipartisanship is a two-way street. A bill can be bipartisan without bipartisan votes. Republicans have left their imprint.”

Pelosi is probably the most arrogant member of Congress.  She calls tea-baggers, Americans who happen to disagree with her, “astroturf”.  She tells her fellow Democrats that they should put their re-election aside and vote for this bill.  (What would happen if HER job were at stake?)  And, now, she is busy creating new definitions for words that don’t suit her!

This is why Congress’ approval is down to about 10%!  This is why American citizens, not only tea-baggers, are angry and demanding to be heard. This is Congress at its worst –the epitome of arrogance.

Excuses, excuses……….

To try to say that you voted for the health care bill that Pelosi rammed through because it will stop rising health care costs, as Rep Cao did,  is ridiculous.

Health care costs are based on factors not covered in this bill:

Medicare costs are determined by the government, regardless of the actual cost to the medical facility or doctor.

The cost of malpractice insurance for doctors, hospitals, and all medical personnel, is so great that some doctors are no longer practicing medicine.  Only the lawyers are benefiting.

The inability of insurance companies to sell health insurance nationally creates a monopoly in many states.

The patients have expectations that every ailment can be cured and demand more and more medical intervention, despite the fact that some diseases and conditions are incurable.

Patients demand that every test possible be run, and doctors fear lawsuits and the emotional and  financial costs associated with going to court.

To say that the government will run anything, let alone our health care system, and do it efficiently and BETTER than the patient can, is also ridiculous.

The government’s legacy of intervention in our private lives must stop now.  Otherwise, these are the repercussions we can expect:

Congress, the President, unions, and other Democrat supporters will undoubtedly be able to opt out of this system, increasing the costs for the rest of us.  And, while we’re being forced to comply with Pelosi’s idea of what is appropriate between our doctor and ourselves, “they” will be free to do as they think best!

Much higher private insurance companies premiums as insurance companies attempt to balance the lower costs paid by the government.  Medicare, by limiting doctor and medical reimbursement, may lower costs for some.  But, the rest of us pay for that pseudo reduction in our own medical bills, as well as in our taxes.

Pelosi’s bill will inflict severe financial and criminal penalties for those companies and people who do not comply with her ideas on health care.

Illegal aliens, who break the law by their very existence in our country, will be covered, no matter what the politicians say.

Government will have access to your private health records and even will have the right to come INTO YOUR HOME to inspect how you raise your children.  Undoubtedly, eventually, there will be mandates about what you eat, how you sleep, whom you live with, and even your physical fitness, all under the guise of “helping” Americans to a healthier life!

The Democrats rammed this legislation through, despite the American public saying they don’t want it.  The Democrats rammed it through on a Saturday night, knowing that news coverage would be less this way.  The Democrats gave away our children’s future, financial health by burdening them with an atrociously expensive bill that no one wants…..all so they could fulfill President Obama’s campaign pledge.  I.e., this entire health bill is a political animal, NOT a necessary act of legislation.

Isn’t it time to expect the Congress to truly represent us?  Isn’t it time to expect Congress to put their own health care where their mouth is?  Isn’t it about time for the American public to throw these liars out of office?

Lies, manipulations, rationalizations, and excuses, excuses were the only way to pass this beast!

Too Young to Die

How often have you heard that comment?  Usually, it is when someone young dies.  And, while young is a relative term, most of us would agree that children who die, a teenager who dies, or even those in their 20s to 50s who die, are  “too young to die”.

So, why is it acceptable that babies in the womb should be aborted or killed?  Aren’t they, by definition, absolutely TOO YOUNG TO DIE?  How can anyone mercilessly scrape a living, human being out of their temporary home, knowing the pain and suffering that the little one is undergoing? Unfortunately, there are a LOT of people who can do that.

And, now,  add Speaker Pelosi to that list because she feels she has the right to FORCE me, and others, to pay for a procedure so horrific that it makes me sick.  She has  slipped an abortion clause into her health legislation which would demand everyone pay an insurance premium that goes for  abortions.  Even though it is against my religion and my very deepest personal philosophies, it would be obligatory for me to pay this!  It is unbelievable that this should happen in America.

Are we going to let the next generation die before they are even born?  Who decides when it is time to die?  What about us in the older generation.  Are we too old to live?  If we want to live to a ripe old age, shouldn’t babies be given the same choice?  That will not happen if Pelosi’s amendment is ratified.

Who is “too young to die” ????

David Letterman –Double Standard

Dave Letterman should be prosecuted for sexual harassment of a subordinate;  but, like former President Clinton, no one will ever do so.  Those who argue that the women were old enough to “know better” are missing the point.  Sexual harassment of a subordinate is a criminal offense, not just something to laugh about.

But, to expect the left to ever admit that one of “theirs” is wrong is about as likely as Amadinejab becoming Jewish.

Oh, the double standard is part and parcel of the Left’s philosophy.  Did you hear Whoopi Goldberg’s DEFENSE of Polanski who raped a 13 year old, admitted to it, then fled the country to avoid prosecution?

Did you hear the censure of Joe Wilson for his calling President Obama’s statement a lie?  What happened to the Democrat from Florida who claimed Republicans only wanted sick people to die, and quickly?  Rather than reprimand HIM,  Pelosi was very supportive of him!!!

So, expect to see Democrats rallying around Letterman.  After all, he is one of those who mock anything conservative and moral.  No one will prosecute him for his sexual harassment.  He is one of  the party in power and, as such, is beyond prosecution.   But, the David Letterman fiasco demonstrates again that the Democrats are the worst of the worst when it comes to having any moral standard, unless it is the double standard!

Which statement is she standing by?

Pelosi today said that she “stands by her previous statements.”

Does that mean the statement where she denied ever hearing about interrogation techniques?

Or, is it the statement where she acknowledged that she “might” have heard about their potential use, but did not realize the techniques were ACTUALLY in use?

Or, is it the time when she accussed the CIA of lying to her and Congress?

Or, how about when she said she supported the CIA, but was referring to the previous administration when she mentioned that she and Congress had been misled?

It’s really difficult to figure out which statement she is standing by.  That’s the trouble with lying.  My father-in-law used to always recommend telling the truth because it was the easiest to remember.  Apparently, Pelosi would prefer to lie in the hopes that the media won’t hold her to a standard of truth.  Well, she is right.  The media is letting her off.  But, for the rest of us…..which statement is she standing by?