Too Young to Die

How often have you heard that comment?  Usually, it is when someone young dies.  And, while young is a relative term, most of us would agree that children who die, a teenager who dies, or even those in their 20s to 50s who die, are  “too young to die”.

So, why is it acceptable that babies in the womb should be aborted or killed?  Aren’t they, by definition, absolutely TOO YOUNG TO DIE?  How can anyone mercilessly scrape a living, human being out of their temporary home, knowing the pain and suffering that the little one is undergoing? Unfortunately, there are a LOT of people who can do that.

And, now,  add Speaker Pelosi to that list because she feels she has the right to FORCE me, and others, to pay for a procedure so horrific that it makes me sick.  She has  slipped an abortion clause into her health legislation which would demand everyone pay an insurance premium that goes for  abortions.  Even though it is against my religion and my very deepest personal philosophies, it would be obligatory for me to pay this!  It is unbelievable that this should happen in America.

Are we going to let the next generation die before they are even born?  Who decides when it is time to die?  What about us in the older generation.  Are we too old to live?  If we want to live to a ripe old age, shouldn’t babies be given the same choice?  That will not happen if Pelosi’s amendment is ratified.

Who is “too young to die” ????

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