David Letterman –Double Standard

Dave Letterman should be prosecuted for sexual harassment of a subordinate;  but, like former President Clinton, no one will ever do so.  Those who argue that the women were old enough to “know better” are missing the point.  Sexual harassment of a subordinate is a criminal offense, not just something to laugh about.

But, to expect the left to ever admit that one of “theirs” is wrong is about as likely as Amadinejab becoming Jewish.

Oh, the double standard is part and parcel of the Left’s philosophy.  Did you hear Whoopi Goldberg’s DEFENSE of Polanski who raped a 13 year old, admitted to it, then fled the country to avoid prosecution?

Did you hear the censure of Joe Wilson for his calling President Obama’s statement a lie?  What happened to the Democrat from Florida who claimed Republicans only wanted sick people to die, and quickly?  Rather than reprimand HIM,  Pelosi was very supportive of him!!!

So, expect to see Democrats rallying around Letterman.  After all, he is one of those who mock anything conservative and moral.  No one will prosecute him for his sexual harassment.  He is one of  the party in power and, as such, is beyond prosecution.   But, the David Letterman fiasco demonstrates again that the Democrats are the worst of the worst when it comes to having any moral standard, unless it is the double standard!

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