Which statement is she standing by?

Pelosi today said that she “stands by her previous statements.”

Does that mean the statement where she denied ever hearing about interrogation techniques?

Or, is it the statement where she acknowledged that she “might” have heard about their potential use, but did not realize the techniques were ACTUALLY in use?

Or, is it the time when she accussed the CIA of lying to her and Congress?

Or, how about when she said she supported the CIA, but was referring to the previous administration when she mentioned that she and Congress had been misled?

It’s really difficult to figure out which statement she is standing by.  That’s the trouble with lying.  My father-in-law used to always recommend telling the truth because it was the easiest to remember.  Apparently, Pelosi would prefer to lie in the hopes that the media won’t hold her to a standard of truth.  Well, she is right.  The media is letting her off.  But, for the rest of us…..which statement is she standing by?

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