Blame Bush

I’m blaming Bush for his partisanship policies and his unwillingness to reach across to LIEberals. This is so ridiculous I’m at a loss for words. Imagine the outrage if this was flipped and this was the Republicans in congress trying to pass this w/out a vote.

– Mr. Knowledge

1 thought on “Blame Bush

  1. themomteam

    Did you know that since Democrats are having trouble getting enough votes to pass their health legislation they might try the aptly named “Slaughter” rule? The Slaughter rule would say that the bill is “deemed” to have passed and therefore, it passes….WITHOUT ANY VOTING!

    Of course, they’re doing that so no one suffers from voting for legislation that the American public is adamantly against!

    It’s so dirty that even Democrats won’t discuss the Slaughter “rule”.


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