Sadly, my old college roommate and I would joke that LIEberals would always pull this BS on ANYTHING.  Temperature is hot… Blame Bush, Packers lose the Super Bowl… Blame Bush, a TV ad that’s longer than 3 minutes… Blame Bush.  But yeah, now they’re openly saying it.  It’s seriously gotten to the point of being so sad and stupid that you can’t write about it with a straight face.  They’re totally 8 year old kids trying to bully people.  I’m speechless, not because of how unfounded this might be, but because they are so fucking dumb and people believe this.  I’m not saying that there are stupid repus… because Akin proved that, but wow, it’s so ridiculous I’m going to go and crawl into bed and laugh… ok, maybe not because it’s so sad and I have to cry for all the NCPs out there.