Excuses, excuses……….


To try to say that you voted for the health care bill that Pelosi rammed through because it will stop rising health care costs, as Rep Cao did,  is ridiculous.

Health care costs are based on factors not covered in this bill:

Medicare costs are determined by the government, regardless of the actual cost to the medical facility or doctor.

The cost of malpractice insurance for doctors, hospitals, and all medical personnel, is so great that some doctors are no longer practicing medicine.  Only the lawyers are benefiting.

The inability of insurance companies to sell health insurance nationally creates a monopoly in many states.

The patients have expectations that every ailment can be cured and demand more and more medical intervention, despite the fact that some diseases and conditions are incurable.

Patients demand that every test possible be run, and doctors fear lawsuits and the emotional and  financial costs associated with going to court.

To say that the government will run anything, let alone our health care system, and do it efficiently and BETTER than the patient can, is also ridiculous.

The government’s legacy of intervention in our private lives must stop now.  Otherwise, these are the repercussions we can expect:

Congress, the President, unions, and other Democrat supporters will undoubtedly be able to opt out of this system, increasing the costs for the rest of us.  And, while we’re being forced to comply with Pelosi’s idea of what is appropriate between our doctor and ourselves, “they” will be free to do as they think best!

Much higher private insurance companies premiums as insurance companies attempt to balance the lower costs paid by the government.  Medicare, by limiting doctor and medical reimbursement, may lower costs for some.  But, the rest of us pay for that pseudo reduction in our own medical bills, as well as in our taxes.

Pelosi’s bill will inflict severe financial and criminal penalties for those companies and people who do not comply with her ideas on health care.

Illegal aliens, who break the law by their very existence in our country, will be covered, no matter what the politicians say.

Government will have access to your private health records and even will have the right to come INTO YOUR HOME to inspect how you raise your children.  Undoubtedly, eventually, there will be mandates about what you eat, how you sleep, whom you live with, and even your physical fitness, all under the guise of “helping” Americans to a healthier life!

The Democrats rammed this legislation through, despite the American public saying they don’t want it.  The Democrats rammed it through on a Saturday night, knowing that news coverage would be less this way.  The Democrats gave away our children’s future, financial health by burdening them with an atrociously expensive bill that no one wants…..all so they could fulfill President Obama’s campaign pledge.  I.e., this entire health bill is a political animal, NOT a necessary act of legislation.

Isn’t it time to expect the Congress to truly represent us?  Isn’t it time to expect Congress to put their own health care where their mouth is?  Isn’t it about time for the American public to throw these liars out of office?

Lies, manipulations, rationalizations, and excuses, excuses were the only way to pass this beast!

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