Now I’ve heard everything!

Now, the Brazilian President is castigating us because the poor are not getting their homes paid for in the $700 billion bailout by Congress!

I am not in favor of the bailout because people. companies, and even foreign countries should understand that they, and they alone, are responsible for their own financial decisions.  They are the ones who must weigh the risks and decide how and when to invest. 

But, the people who are clamoring for free money also have to realize that any “free” money comes from taxes.  High taxes stunt corporate growth.  Poor corporate growth means poor dividends which are the lifeblood of many American pension plans. 

 It is also important to remember that if companies are taxed heavily, they cannot compete nor grow.  If they cannot compete, jobs are lost overseas to companies with NO health care plans and NO “care”  in any form for their employees….but, the labor is cheap because people are considered to be of no consequence.  

If companies are taxed heavily, Americans lose their jobs AND their health care and pension benefits.  So, it is unreasonable for anyone to assume that our taxes should cover the cost of homes for the poor!

If the Brazilian president feels so strongly, let him put HIS country’s taxes to work paying for these homes.  Otherwise, mind your own business, sir.  I’ve not only heard everything, but I’ve heard more than enough!!

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