Congress’ Never-Ending Pork Barrel

So long as politicians are allowed to stay in office and increase their personal value — financial, emotional, or influence — , we can expect our tax dollars to be spent for what is good for the politicians and not for America!  Our budget problems are not related to a single position or office, but to a system that promotes people into positions of extreme power and influence. Most of this power and influence is bought and paid for with our tax dollars through ear marks. Even the new $700B bill which the Senate passed has pet projects — wooden arrow, Hollywood producers, rum producers in Puerto Rico. What is going on out there?

When people like Barney Franks and Pelosi are re-elected over and over, they are like a snowball rolling downhill, they gain size and power. Eventually, they develop an avalanche of people whom they owe favors to. Their favorite method of payment for these favors is to make promises with our tax dollars!

We could stop some of this graft by insisting on term limits for EVERY elected office. When every representative is truly “equal” to the others, more of them will vote for what is right for the country and not their personal pocketbook.

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