Ladies, women, girls……….

Dear Ladies, women, and girls,

Have you noticed that the harshest, most hateful, most demeaning critiques of Governor Palin are coming from women?  Why is that?

The Democrats are seriously worried about Governor Palin’s appeal to women of all generations, and economic stature.   They are afraid that women might choose another woman, just because she is a woman!  Of course, when Geraldine Ferraro ran for VP, the Democrats found it liberating to have a woman on the ticket.  Well, now the Republican VP candidate is a woman and they are doing their best to reduce her to less than the well-qualified candidate that she is.

Anyway, what is wrong with the gender of a candidate being a consideration?  After all, it is uniformly agreed that one of Senator Obama’s main appeals is that he is black — well half black, although he never admits to the white half.

If it is not racist to choose a candidate based on his ethnicity, then it is not sexist to choose a woman, based on her gender.

So, ladies, go ahead and support Governor Palin.  Her election would be a boon for all our daughters and grand-daughters who will then understand that a woman truly can do anything she sets her mind to!

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