Forget what I said before………

Yesterday, I said that I had heard everything when the Brazilian president chided us for not paying for the homes of the poor in the proposed $700B buyout of Wall Street.

Well, I was wrong.  Today, I actually heard the biggest lie of them all when the vote failed in the House of Representatives and the Democrats blamed the Republicans!  Forget that the Democrats hold a majority and all they needed to pass the measure was a simple majority — that means ONE VOTE!  Pelosi, despite her vicious attack speech,  could not  convince even a majority of her fellow Democrats to vote for the bill!

The Democratic nominee was ready to blame the Republicans, too, despite the fact that all he did was play phone tag in pretending to help pass the measure and, in fact, campaigned all through the debacle.  Nor was he prepared to take a stand on the issue.  His message was that “something ” had to be done!  Well, what something?  What was his recommendation?  It is a sorry commentary of his actions that he was too busy playing politics to help forward a specific plan.

So, whether we needed that $700B expenditure or not, it is demonstrably false to blame the conservatives because the liberals — Democrats — hold the absolute majority.   This time, they can’t blame anyone but themselves!

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